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Why Am I Not Getting Leads from My Facebook Page?

Why Am I Not Getting Leads from My Facebook Page?

…or How to Succeed in Facebook by Really Trying

As the CEO and Head Strategist of a social media-centric online marketing agency for the past ten years, hundreds of new clients looking to turn their Facebook fortunes around have asked me this question. And they all have a similar story . . . .

You are a business owner, marketer, or sales person who is managing the Facebook Page for your business. You have heard about the wonders and riches that Facebook is bringing others in your industry, and have read countless articles about how to make it work for your company. The articles all seem to repeat the same formula:

  • Focus on content.
  • Tell your story.
  • Be consistent with your messaging strategy.
  • Use visuals.
  • Pray to the Facebook gods for results.

You have tried all of these elements . . . why oh why are you not getting any results?

First, let’s take a look at that term “results.” Do you know what type of results that you could expect from a Facebook marketing campaign? Have you set goals? Have you set measurable objectives?


This is the first reason why you are not getting leads from Facebook. No success metrics are in place.

For all marketing initiatives, one of the key elements that you must consider is what measurable outcomes you expect and are working towards. While many people still hang onto the fact that they cannot secure a true ROI of Facebook marketing, it’s hard to find ROI when you haven’t defined the terms!

So the number one item missing from your Facebook Page marketing strategy is your objective. You need at least two (yes, count them–TWO) objectives that you would like to achieve. These could be awareness (reach, impressions), audience growth, or even engagement. Putting a number to these will help you see the power of your page and where you need to focus going forward.

Secondly, how much are you spending on Facebook Advertising? Nothing? Then you are pretty much done here. Given how the Facebook algorithm is built, if you don’t have a decent budget for advertising, then your content will probably never reach your target consumers. If it doesn’t reach your target consumers, you can’t get them to engage with you, learn about your services or products, and move through to your website to purchase or get more information.

What I want you to understand is that Facebook success is not free initially. You have to pay to be seen. Then if you build the right market, put out the right content, and get the right level of engagement, you will be on your way to sustained success. With an ongoing advertising budget in place, you will be able to continually add more new people to this funnel and perpetuate success.

But what is success? That takes me back to the first point: create and name measurable objectives. Based on those objectives, create a Facebook advertising campaign (or four). Reap the results and repeat.

Are you still wondering what you are missing about Facebook Marketing? You are not tracking your goals realistically and your Facebook Advertising campaign is either weak, nonexistent, or is thirsting for more from your budget.

Think what you would make on a typical client (what you would net). Try creating an ad with that demographic in mind that is aimed at fulfilling one of your objectives. Run it and see how it does. Then refine and repeat. Testing is not a bad thing and will help you get closer to your goal. Just remember to have one to begin with.

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