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Make Your Instagram Grid Pop!

Make Your Instagram Grid Pop!

When you think of McDonald’s, what comes to mind? Probably burgers, fries, shakes, and a couple of colors: red and yellow. Head over to their Instagram and you’ll see exactly that, along with a number of memes, mascots, and other images that are uniquely McDonald’s.

Now think about your clients’ Instagram grids. If you took a look right now, would they be unique and recognizable? Social media visuals are key to not only standing out in the feed but sticking around in your audience’s minds. More than just content, they are an extension of your brand image. While your client might not be as recognizable as McDonald’s, there are some simple strategies to help strengthen their brand through social media visuals.

  1. Add Some Color…A Lot of Color

Color is perhaps the most effective way to make an impression on social media. Bold, eye-catching colors can draw eyes to your content, but how do you keep them there? The key is in using the right colors — specifically, your brand colors. Brand colors help you stand out from the background and create powerful associations in your viewer’s minds. When you look at your Instagram grid, your brand colors should shine through.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that every single post needs to look like a Jackson Pollock painting, just that you should make use of your distinct colors often — at least every few posts.

  1. Photography That Means Something

Photography is the foundation of any successful social media page. As important as color and graphic design are, photos (especially those with people) have a unique way of drawing viewers in. But of course, how you represent your brand through photos matters.

Take Nike, for example. When you think of them, what comes to mind? A mix of sports, inspiration, and inclusivity? If you visit their Instagram page, that’s what you’ll see — a mix of triumphant shots of athletes wearing Nike gear, and diverse stories of the people behind the sports. It all fits together not only on their grid but in their larger brand story.

  1. Think Outside the Box

Thanks to Instagram’s grids, you have more space to work with than just a single post. You can string multiple posts together to create larger images that only reveal themselves to those who visit your profile. However, there are pros and cons to this strategy.

The pros? It provides a fun way for people to engage further with your brand as they discover the pattern in your grid. Not to mention, they make the grid look incredibly pleasing. The cons? In order to make the image look right and keep it looking right, you have to post in groups of three, which can disrupt future strategies and make a mess of your grid down the line.

I’ve seen a lot of social media that looks aimless — visuals that look like they could be used for any number of other brands. But if you want to stand out in a competitive social media landscape, then it’s time to embrace the things that make your brand unique and let them shine through in your visuals.

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