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5 Social Media Marketing Situations To Avoid In 2017

5 Social Media Marketing Situations To Avoid In 2017

2016 had a lot of controversies. Let’s try to make 2017 a bit better, shall we? As marketers, it’s your responsibility to keep your brand out of hot water. Social media marketing is an essential communication tool and a PR dream, but if you start problems online, your business will suffer. Stay away from the following pitfalls and shine bright!

1. Politics. The Presidental Inauguration is on January 20th and will be talked about absolutely everywhere. Except for your page…right? As a business, you shouldn’t post your personal feelings on your page. You’re bound to offend someone.

2. Putting down competition. At its core, social media is a tool for communications. You have the potential to speak about whatever you want. That doesn’t mean you get to put down your competition and spread slander. You would be surprised at how much of this is out there.

3. Inappropriate content. Do you swear like a sailor? That doesn’t mean you have to market like one. Remember the brand you’re representing!

4. Spam. Sure, you should promote your business. It is marketing after all. But you shouldn’t sound out ONLY promos and ads. Add entertaining and educational material to the mix. Also, don’t push empty promises or sound “too good to be true.”

5. Ignoring customers. As we just said, social media is a tool for communications. So, communicate! If someone asks you a question, answer and do it quickly. If someone gives you a negative review, resolve the issue at lightning speed. Don’t be a faceless and voiceless brand!

Social media marketing is a way to improve your brand’s recognition. However, you don’t want your brand to be recognized as a business full of jerks either. Make sure you approach everything as professionally as possible.

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