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Go!TV Episode 11

Go!TV Episode 11

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Go!TV episode recap! We’ve got your source for social media news and trends that you need to know!

The Essential Guide to Content Curation
If you’re not reading content relevant to your industry, you run the risk of missing out on important conversations. You don’t want your customers to get their information from your competitors! This Go! blog covers:

  • Finding shareable content
  • Creating a content mix
  • Recycling successful content

And a lot more! If you’ve got a few minutes and want to have a successful social media marketing strategy, the blog is definitely worth a read.

The Go! Agency

The Essential Guide to Social Media Metrics
You might think that metrics are reserved for experienced, high-level marketers, but they’re important for social media marketing at every level! If you’re not tracking the relevant metrics for your campaign, there’s no way to know whether or not you succeeded. By extension, there’s no way to figure out what to change. This blog is a useful tool to make sure you’re making real progress on social media and not just spinning your wheels!

The Go! Agency

So ends another Go!TV episode recap. It’s tempting to set up a social media campaign and forget about it, but you need to reinvest in your strategy if you want it to succeed. How can you do that? By keeping up with reliable social media news sources, like our blog and our podcast!

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