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GoTV Episode 8

GoTV Episode 8

Welcome to this week’s episode recap of Go!TV! We hope you’re ready for the breaking social media updates that are changing the industry!


Free Programs to Monitor Your Competitors’ Social Media
Learning from your own mistakes is great, but learning from your competitors’ failings is even better. These five programs are completely free to you and let you monitor the social media ventures of your chosen business. By using these programs, you’ll be able to see what does and doesn’t work for the competition, which will enable you to adjust your own marketing strategy accordingly, all without paying a dime!

Business 2 Community


Google Analytics Offers Valuable Traffic Tracking
Measuring your brand’s social media traffic is essential to improving your ROI. How else will you know which ads are working or what content your audience responds to? Google Analytics lets you easily do both of these, and you can use that information to optimize your social media marketing strategy!

Social Media Examiner

That’s it for this week’s Go!TV recap! More data is always your friend in the world of social media marketing, so make sure you’re staying in the know. For more information like this, go to our podcast and blog!

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