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Is Facebook Adding Commercial Breaks To Your Videos?

Is Facebook Adding Commercial Breaks To Your Videos?

It looks like we are going full circle with advertisements. TV gave us ads mid-program and the internet provided uninterrupted entertainment. Now, however, Facebook is about to try a nostalgic business tactic by testing “mid-roll” ads on Facebook Live.

The social media giant is trying to find a way to incorporate advertisements during live broadcasts in order to boost revenue on their fairly new service, Facebook Live. They are hoping to work with pre-existing advertisers as well to get bigger names onto their live-streaming website.

The most important part for business owners is that this is proof of the following two things.

One, that live streaming video, while still being tweaked by the big names such as Facebook and Twitter via their sister site Periscope, is going to impact marketers in a big way in the future. Businesses from many industries are beginning to use these platforms to debut products, broadcast events, host Q & As, and more. It’s an attempt to get social media to be more “in the moment” and well, social.

Secondly, this shows how much advertising is Facebook’s bread and butter. Since it is a free service, they are making advertising more and more essential for companies to thrive on their site. Twitter, Instagram, and others are not much further behind Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg’s thought process. Without advertising, there is little revenue. However, they definitely reward those who pay them. Advertising through social media has become a huge source of attention and a way to spread a brand’s reach.

Commercial breaks seem to be on the return as people become more invested in streaming video. It may be time for you to get your camera ready and start going live!

What do you think of Facebook’s new advertising method? Share your thoughts!

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