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Why Is Facebook Advertising So Important?

Why Is Facebook Advertising So Important?

Did you know that there are more Facebook users as there are people in China? The number of those on social media is hard to fathom. How can businesses hope to reach the right people? Facebook advertising gives marketers and their content a unique advantage!

There has been a 50% increase of companies using Facebook advertising since 2015. Now, over 3 million advertisers are sharing their message with these tools. So, why are marketers flocking to Facebook advertising now?

 Targeting. Facebook allows an incredibly focused reach. Is your product or service niche, location-based, age-focused, or aimed towards a particular lifestyle? You have the ability to reach your ideal demographic!

Visibility. There are over 50 million business pages on Facebook. Advertising allows promoted content to rise above the rest and even supersede organic reach’s potential.

Brand awareness. Your advertisements will go beyond those who already like your product. Your company can maximize its marketing through a wide variety of compelling ad options!

Traffic. Advertising can go beyond the walls of Facebook. You can drive traffic to your website and online shops with effective and unique approaches.

Unsure of how to start Facebook advertising? No worries! The Go! Agency has years of experience creating game-changing engagement with the help of Facebook advertising. We understand the ins and outs of Facebook’s intricacies and have helped businesses in a wide variety of industries!

Contact us today to get your brand noticed on the most popular site in the world! 

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