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An Important Rule For Franchisees And Social Media Marketing

An Important Rule For Franchisees And Social Media Marketing

Its hard to find a business that doesn’t have some form of social media marketing these days. Whether it’s a Facebook page, Twitter account, or even a YouTube channel, many professionals understand the benefits that come with these powerful tools. Franchise owners are included in this. Yet still, there is one thing that some owners of franchise businesses fail to grasp…

Whether you run a franchise restaurant, home improvement store, or even a chapter of a charity, your individual location needs to be represented with its own independent social media account. Often we will see franchise owners just social media marketing off to a corporate marketing team. Sure, they may cover the broad, umbrella content, but there’s no personalization, no local marketing, and no location exclusivity. You’ve officially become a number with no unique online representation.

Create a specific strategy that incorporates your corporate messages alongside individualized content. Much of this depends on what type of business you manage. Still, no matter what industry you work in, there are always three unique factors that will make your location stand out – location, employees, and customers/ clients. Promote deals only available at your spot, showcase customers, and make your employees feel appreciated by showing off their hard work. It’s important that you provide reasons as to why your business stands out above the other chains. Are you contributing to a local cause, charity, or organization? Show your efforts online. Are you doing something special for the holidays, show it off! This level of attention and caring will go a long way!

Did you know that we handle many franchises on the corporate and branch level? Contact us today to learn how your business can shine online via social media marketing!

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