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A Tale Of Testimonials And Social Media Marketing

A Tale Of Testimonials And Social Media Marketing

Starting a business isn’t easy. A fancy Facebook page is essential, but without backing from your local customers, you’re in trouble. It’s similar to the age old dilemma, how do you get experience when no one hires anyone without experience? We’ll let’s find out how Rachel Wilson did it…A few years ago, Rachel founded Wilson & Friends Bakery in Richmond VA, where she sold organic and all-natural baked goods. From croissants to cupcakes, each pastry or pie was handcrafted and made with love. Rachel was smart and knew to really succeed, she was going to need an online presence.First, she hired someone to make a website. A streaming carousel showcased pictures of all the baked goods available at her location. Still, everything seemed a bit stagnant online. A very wise friend told her to look into social media marketing, and she was amazed at how well small businesses like hers did on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 But how would she begin? The glaring sign of “0 likes” (or rather “2 likes after she and her husband liked it) seemed to drag the whole thing down. So, she decided to go after that engagement proactively.

She decided to post exclusive deals and contests on her Facebook. Since everything was homemade and organic, she posted the upcoming treats her growing customer base could purchase on that day. Her menu changed every day, which brought a new sense of life to her page. Since her following in Richmond was getting larger, she asked her regulars to give her 5-star reviews, like her page, share her posts, and check-in when they visited. Since most of them already frequented Facebook on a daily basis, they were happy to do it.

She knew she finally figured out this Facebook thing once good ratings started popping up on a regular basis. Not long after, she pursued the worlds of Twitter and Instagram.

Rachel is now opening up her third location in Virginia, and she attributes a majority of her success to social media marketing. Now, she posts her daily specials on Instagram Stories, and people wait outside her door before the open time.

Now that she has three stores to juggle, Rachel needs a team of professionals to bring her social media to new levels. That’s why she contacted us. We work hand in hand with Rachel’s growing team to ensure her story and brands are presented on social media in the best possible fashion. There’s only one problem… her pictures make us so hungry!

After studying Wilson & Friends Bakery’s social media history, it’s obvious that her growth was largely thanks to real testimonials from her customers. Even when there was a sour apple now and again that threw a 1 or 2-star rating, the 5-star ratings, likes, and wall posts outweighed any negativity.

Rachel’s success is one of those stories that makes us smile. It exemplifies the power of brand recognition and social media marketing’s effectivity.

Contact us today to get on board with a brand new social media marketing campaign!

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