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6 Steps To Catching Your Viewer’s Gaze On Social Media

6 Steps To Catching Your Viewer’s Gaze On Social Media

We’ve all done it. Scrolling through social media, ignoring some of the more “blah” looking posts is only human nature. But it’s a social media manager’s job to create compelling enough material that followers will stomp on the brakes to take a closer look. Once we get them to pay attention, engagement is the next natural step.

This is exactly why visuals are so important on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. You need that figurative (or literal) red flag to get eyes to lock onto something entertaining, stunning, stimulating, or heart-pumping. We’re not saying you should post an explosion GIF, but something to make the ADD-stricken masses pay attention.

Here are our suggestions on how to get those stunning visuals rocking:

1. Colors – Keep them bright, catchy, and complimentary. If noir photography is your type of thing, then I hope you have an audience for it since the flashier, the better is usually the correct line of thinking. Color is a BIG deal when it comes to marketing and design. Our minds automatically lock onto a vibrant shade or swatch. This is why it’s also important to choose your brand’s colors and stick to them. Consistency is a big deal. For years, Coca-Cola has used the same exact red for everything – and for good reason. People remember it and mentally link it to the famous product. Now go on Coke’s Facebook. Everything’s red, isn’t it?

2. Videos – Whether it’s live or recorded, video is huge in the world of social media right now. Even if they are simply a collection of pictures in the form of an animated slide show, you need some form of video in your content strategy. Videos show up very prominently on social media timelines and feeds, so take advantage of this medium!

3. Original photographs – Take snapshots of your business, employees, products, and more. While repurposing and curating content is an essential cog in the social media machine, you need to have an array of original content as well!

4. LIVE – We briefly mentioned live video above, but it most definitely deserved its own category. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram all offer live services so you can broadcast to your followers in real time. This is a real game-changer, and we’re going to see much more live video integration in 2017.

5. Motion (even if it’s still) – Use action shots in photographs, offer demonstrations in live video broadcasts, add quick-moving animations, etc. Keep things moving and exciting!

6. People- Here’s a secret – people like people. If there’s a way to integrate a real person into your imagery, do it. Even if it’s just someone using your product, it’s worth the extra effort.

7. Text – While you have a whole separate area for text in the “anatomy” of your social media post, compelling copy is a fundamental element of imagery. Keep it simple, concise, and clean.

8. Clarity- Speaking of keeping things simple, people should not have to try to decipher what you’re posting. Do the hard part for them and make things unique, albeit recognizable.

You don’t need to be Dali or Picasso to make people stop in awe of your social media images. But you DO need to put in effort and creativity. Trust me, it’s worth investing your time into creating outstanding images. Your brand’s recognition will increase with each post in which you integrate dazzling visuals.

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