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The 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Boost Transparency

The 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Boost Transparency

How has social media marketing changed business? In more ways than you can count. The most significant though, for better or for worse, is that it increased transparency enormously. 

If you run a restaurant that offers bland plates and rude service, social media may be a nuisance for you. If you manage an A/C Heating service and you overcharge your customers, it will most certainly pop up around the web. However, if you run an honest business and do your best to produce quality service and products, the internet is an amazing place that you can really shine and reach new people….. if you let it.

The truth is, as long as your business is run right, you should want your brand to be as transparent as possible — and social media marketing has the ability to do this if you keep in mind the following 5 elements. Not only will they allow your business to have a better transparency, but your customer relationships will become so much better.

1. Communication. You don’t want to be a “mute brand.” Yes, you’re sending out content multiple times a day, but if a customer responds to you, it’s vital that you respond quickly. Remember the 3 “P’s” when you are talking with your customers – positive, prompt, and productive. 

2. Influence. Take time to find online influencers in your market with quality audiences who would be interested in your products or services. Connect and build relationships with those individuals. By doing so, you are branding yourself as an authority in your respective market. 

3. Quality connections. Quality or quantity? It’s better to have quality, focused content versus thousands of online connections, reading your content just once, then disappearing. On the other side of this, you need to be a quality connection yourself by sending out worthwhile content. 

4. Consistency. Don’t create a few batches of amazing content and then disappear. This means constantly publishing content and participating in online conversations. Your followers need reasons to stay by your side. Give them what they want. 

5. Branding. Show off your marketing skills with consistent branding, color, tone, messages, and mission. This is absolutely necessary as you expand your voice across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. 

Are you less than confident in your approach to social media marketing? You don’t have to be, contact us today! We’re here to help you make your mark and hit your targets. 

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