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17 Irritating Social Media Mistakes You Are Making

17 Irritating Social Media Mistakes You Are Making

As an online marketer, I am in the business of finding and rectifying mistakes in order to create success for my clients.  I think at the heart of every marketer out there is a love of finding and solving problems, turning situations around, and turning lemons into lemonade.

Over the years I have seen some of the most irritating mistakes made by some of the largest brands time and time again.  New brands coming to social media make many mistakes as well.

So…what are they?

Here is my list of the 17 most irritating social media mistakes that you might be making, and why you need to fix them!

  1. Your Profile Picture is pixelated. Would you ever use a blurry or pixelated picture on your business card, brochure, website, or billboard?  Then don’t do it on social media please.
  2. Your Cover Image is pixelated.  See point number 1.
  3. No Descriptions.  Don’t leave sections of your social media profiles blank.  How are people going to find you?  Onsite SEO anyone?
  4. Last Update in 2013.  If your last social media update that you posted was over a year ago…maybe you should either post something or take down your profile.
  5. Your Facebook Page name is not your company name.  It needs to be.
  6. No links to your website anywhere in your profile.  This legitimizes you and helps your target audience find you.  Add it.
  7. You want customers in your store, but you provide no address.  Add your address!
  8. #Hashtaghashtag.  Don’t over hashtag.  It is annoying and doesn’t help you.
  9. Spelling and grammar errors in your posts.  To err is human, to consistently err is irritating and unprofessional.
  10. Pictures posting sideways.  Preview everything before you post to make sure they post correctly!
  11. No comments to your comments! If a member of your audience takes the time to write you a note or comment on a post – reciprocate with at least an acknowledgement.
  12. Posting dead links.  Make sure that all of your links are working before posting…or wait until everyone else tells you publicly that they are dead.
  13. 100% self promotional posts.  It is hard to be social when all you talk about is how great you are.
  14. Always posting 140 characters on Twitter.  Use less characters so people can share your information more easily.  120 is a good idea.
  15. Using old logos, company names, imagery.  This goes without saying.
  16. Using out of date information.  Again, this goes without saying.
  17. Not tracking success. How successful is your social media campaign?  Why don’t you know?

Are you making these mistakes?  If you are, every SINGLE one of them is easily rectified.  With a little time and focus you can create the perfect social media campaign that creates success for your company!

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Reply Dec 28 / 2014

Thanks for this list. A few of them resonate with me. For instance, I’m always amazed how many people still have an unused blog listed on their profile.

I’d add another too: Letting spam comments gather on your blog. That’s like leaving graffiti sprayed all over your reception desk!

OK, sometimes people are naive about spotting subtle spam, but if in doubt, they should remove the link from it. And if a comment’s blatantly spam, leaving it does enormous damage to your reputation!

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