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Tap Into Your Customer’s Mind Through Social Media

Tap Into Your Customer’s Mind Through Social Media

What is a marketer’s job? To promote a business, right? No. Actually, it’s to be a mind reader. Every piece of data that we study, every update we publish, every advertisement we create, is all in an effort to create something that adheres to the customer’s mindset. This is why psychics would make such good marketers. However, we can’t tap into our audience’s minds, as nice as it would be. There is good news, though. We have the next best thing.

Social media allows us to study the public’s reaction to our marketing efforts. Never before has there been such an accurate and analytical marketing medium as this. Sure, we can have focus groups, polls, studies, and even articles written about traditional marketing efforts. Yet with social media marketing, we literally have the raw reactions to our strategies before us.

How exactly do we see this? The answer, like many social media related issues, lies in engagement. Obviously, if you’ve struck a chord with your followers, they will like, share, comment, retweet, upvote, message, and rate your content. If not, then your engagement may look a little desolate. That in no way means you have to give up, however. That just means you have to go back to the drawing board. Even successful marketers regularly restrategize.

As we’ve seen with events such as the Presidential Election and other significant events, people have no problem sharing their thoughts online. Comments are precious assets not only for marketing but how your business is perceived by your customers as a whole. Do yourself a favor and read the comments on your pages. You’ll be surprised at how much insight you can receive. Additionally, more innovative ways like Facebook Reactions and Quote Tweeting will further tap into your fans’ psyches.

Social media marketing gives us a “backstage pass” into your customers’ thinking. While we may not be able to see what they’re thinking exactly, their real and organic reactions speak wonders.

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