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Social Media Marketing Solutions: Yoga Studios


For the rest of the summer, the Go! Agency blog will focus on the social media habits of different industries. For each week in August, our first blog will explain common mistakes made by an industry; our second blog will explain how to fix those mistakes.

All the mistakes we discussed in our previous post can be quickly and easily corrected. Let’s take a look at a yoga studio that needs to work on it’s social media marketing. (Note: The following example is a hypothetical case study that combines features from several different situations. Names, locations, and other details have been changed to protect the privacy and anonymity of source examples.)

Mantras & Mudras is a new yoga studio in Chippewa Valley, Michigan. Lindsay Weir, owner and yogi, switched careers after three decades as a microbiologist and moved back home to open up her own studio. She wants Mantras & Mudras to appeal to as many people as possible, so she has hired a diverse team of instructors. Unfortunately, none of them have a background in marketing. She thought she could convince her brother Sam to help out with their social media, but he is adamant that his Ph.D. in computer science did not prepare him for running a Twitter account. Right now, she and Kim–head instructor–manage all their social media profiles as best they can.

Mistake 1: Inferior Images

Lindsay decided to crowd-source the images for their Instagram page. She receives pictures from all of her instructors, and–once she’s obtained the consent of the subject–posts them all. She knows the pics aren’t polished, but won’t the rough quality just enhance the carefree vibe?

Solution: Get serious about your visuals.

As we mentioned in our Brewery edition, this is a flaw common to every industry.

However, this is particularly heinous with yoga and other image-friendly activities. The solution? Make quality visuals your priority! Whether you just become more discerning about the images you post or you hire a professional photographer, you need to treat this seriously. Having decent visuals is not optional for social media.

Mistake 2: Not Posting Frequently Enough

No one has time to post. Lindsay has been busy setting up the studio. Kim still has two teenagers at home, so she can only post at work in between classes. Although assistant instructor Millie has taken over social media duties when Kim is really swamped, their posting habits are still haphazard at best.

Solution: Use a program to pre-schedule your posts.

Good news: your audience (yoga aficionados on social media) is highly engaged already! Bad news: you will lose them quickly unless you feed their content craving! Social media moves quickly–if you don’t post often enough, you are limiting the size of your audience! Successful yoga studios on Instagram post once a day at minimum. It is an indisputable fact that yoga studios must post often if they want to stay relevant. A social media manager (either a program or a professional) can help you. The best programs not only enable you to pre-schedule your posts, they allow you to crosspost to all your accounts on different platforms.

Mistake 3: Too Much Filler, Not enough Value

Given that they don’t have a lot of time to take polished pictures, it’s no surprise that Kim and Lindsay post a lot of inspirational quotes and sayings on every platform. They’d like to posts more shots of poses, but they agree that poses should include instructions and neither has time write guidelines.

Solution: Shoot for quality and quantity.

As we mentioned above, yoga-enthusiasts on social media are engaged and eager for content. Ergo, you need to post frequently. That being said, you need to make sure that the content has value. A few quotes are fine, but no more than one every week. When you post pictures of poses, include instructions for how to do the pose. You need to commit to doing several quality posts per week, and at least one quality post per day for Instagram. If you don’t have time, you must make time.

Mistake 4: Ignoring the Human Element

The instructors are all passionate about yoga, but they arrived at it from different places. Millie enrolled in a yoga class as an elective for undergrad when she needed one more course hour to remain a full-time student. Kim first got into yoga at the suggestion of a therapist, who thought the calming practice would help her deal with PTSD. Jean, Lindsay’s mom, took a class with a friend a few years ago and loved it–she’s now one of the oldest Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500s in the country! It’s too bad that these compelling stories aren’t included in the studio’s social media . . . .

Solution: Share your stories.

One quick caveat: before you post anyone’s photograph or even use their name on social media, make absolutely certain that you have their permission. Once permission is granted, talk about yourself and your instructors! Share inspirational journeys, life hacks, personal quirks–you name it! This will help your followers identify with your staff, and thus will humanize your brand.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the Yoga Community

Lindsay has a doctorate in microbiology. She has presented papers at international conferences and lectured around the world. Lindsay is a brilliant woman, but she’s self-aware enough to admit that she just doesn’t grasp the social aspect of social media. Her niece tried to explain hashtags to her, but Lindsay is still lost. As a result, Mantras & Mudras is disconnected from the greater yoga community on social media.

Solution: Connect!

Use hashtags (#yogaeverydamnday, #yogaeverywhere, #yogaeveryday) to reach new followers! Participate in monthly or weekly challenges! Tag and contact yoga influencers! Your community is already on social media, it’s up to you to take the time to find it.

Once they understood what was holding them back, Mantras & Mudras overhauled the studio’s social media strategy. Below are the before and after screenshots:

To paraphrase a post from Mantras & Mudras, you decide if today is one day or day one. Every day is another chance to make a fresh start. Your yoga studio could attain social media success if you get commit to improving your social media strategy.

Yoga instructors and yoga studios: now is the time to align your strategies with your goals! We want to help you! Contact The Go! Agency today for a free consultation!

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Social Media Marketing Evaluation: Yoga Studios


For the rest of the summer, the Go! Agency blog will focus on the social media habits of some of our favorite industries. Every week, our first blog will explain common mistakes made by an industry; followed by a second blog that will explain how to fix them. Think of this series as What Not to Wear for social media marketing!

This week we’re taking a break from perfecting our asanas to meditate on yoga studios. Although social media (Instagram in particular) seems ideal for this industry, several yogis and studios are guilty of social media blunders. We’ll present the major faux pas today, and fix them in our next blog!

Inferior Images

You need to have quality images, no matter the subject. Social media is a visual space: in 2017, Facebook posts accompanied by images received over twice the engagement as image-free posts. According to Buffer, tweets with images receive more favorites and more retweets. Many yoga poses are visually striking, so there is no excuse for poor photography. That carries over to pictures of your studio space. For whatever reason, a lot of accounts seem to post pictures of studio corners–literally, the corners of the room. It’s an odd trope that should be avoided. (P.s., a good Instagram filter will not salvage a bad photograph!)

Not Posting Frequently Enough

On social media, yoga communities are very active and engaged. A studio should understand that posting once a week will not attract followers. Facebook and Twitter profiles should be updated a few times every week; Instagram, however, should be updated once a day at minimum. Successful yoga Instagram accounts have massive amounts of content that they share with their followers.

All Inspiration, All the Time

Quotes are lovely. Quotes are inspiring. Quotes are great filler for when you need content in a pinch. Unfortunately, a few quotes go a long way. Yoga studios post inspirational quotes like some people post memes: far too often. Seriously, when your content is

[pose] [quote] [pose]

[studio] [quote] [quote]

[flyer] [quote] [pose]

you have a problem. Too many of these inspirational images make a page look monotonous. Once a week is plenty, believe us.

Neglecting the Human Element

While the yoga community is still somewhat divided about taking pictures in a class, this is no excuse to eschew posting about willing subjects. Posts about your studio’s yoga instructors are especially good for social media purposes. So many studios neglect to show off their staff. Followers (and potential clients) want to know more about the person teaching the classes. As long as you have their full informed consent, you should incorporate staff into your social media.

Not Connecting to the Yoga Community

Yoga is huge on Instagram. There are hundreds of micro-and macro-influencers on that platform alone, some of whom have over one million followers. Yoga hashtags are consistently popular, like #yogaeverydamnday (14,255,917 posts) and #yogaeverywhere (5,094,717 posts). There are yoga challenges on a daily basis–providing ample opportunities for exposure and shares! You are hurting your brand by avoiding the opportunity to connect with the yoga community in a different way.

Too Little Information

Some studios that choose to post photographs of poses do not include instructions with pose posts. These studios are missing out on the chance to educate their followers. Posting photos of specific poses is an opportunity to guide people on proper form and body alignment, as well as some of the deeper aspects of yoga. Posts of poses that don’t include instructions are lovely, but otherwise lack purpose.

In our next blog, we’ll profile a hypothetical studio making these real mistakes. We’ll show you how easy it is to get your studio’s social media strategy back on track!

Does your yoga studio’s social media marketing strategy align with your goals? We want to help! Contact The Go! Agency today for a free consultation!

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