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How To Save Your Failing Facebook Page


Is your business struggling to make its mark on the web? Social media has proven to be the most effective avenue for online brand awareness, and Facebook is the best platform to find your perfect audience. With nearly 2 billion people actively logging in via desktops and mobile apps, a company can quickly stand in the limelight! But what if your content is putting your audience to sleep?

While over 50 million businesses use Facebook, not all manage their profiles correctly. Are your posts preventing you from reaching out? These methods are surefire ways to raise engagement for any business:

Stay consistent with your brand’s signature style and tone. Stay true to the brand that you have already established.

Add a unique social media touch. Don’t just feed them the literature from your brochure – spice it up!

– Invite your audience to participate! It is social media after all. You want people to start talking!

Utilize your industry’s community. Share material such as news, quotes, and trending topics that will grab your readers’ – and potential customers’- attention.

Did you know that The Go! Agency expertly manages hundreds of Facebook accounts on a daily basis? Our staff is certified and trained in the most effective marketing techniques and researches what online audiences respond to the most. On a daily basis, we fine-tune our strategy so every client reaches its full potential. Isn’t it time you stand out on the internet?

Contact us today to see how The Go! Agency’s team can make Facebook work for you!
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4 Steps To Awesome Facebook Visuals


With all the content that’s online, how are readers supposed to remember your message? The answer lies in images. When visuals accompany Facebook posts, users retain 65% more of that message for the following three days. Striking imagery allows people to learn and remember information longer than mere words. Here are the best ways to use eye-catching, and memorable images in your social media!

Infographics. Images, texts… why not both? With infographics, you can have the best of both worlds, as viewers learn information in an understandable and creative way. The internet has turned infographics into a hugely popular form, so don’t miss out on this method!

Colors. Your Facebook posts need to stand out. The images you use need vibrant, noticeable colors. People are 80% more likely to engage with content that has bright colors!

Bold text. If your images incorporate text in any way, make sure it’s big, bold, and readable. Don’t force readers to decipher your words.

Consistency. Because posts with related imagery are 94% more likely to receive engagement and views, you need to be consistent. It has become a new industry standard to add images to every Facebook post to achieve better performance.

This is your chance to create a strong online presence. Make it count by incorporating photography, graphics, and infographics into your Facebook content! Here at The Go! Agency, our graphic designers and social media managers work hard to create beautiful and exciting visuals that readers remember!

Does your Facebook page look like a bleak landscape? Contact us to bring new life into your social media marketing!

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