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Social Media Marketing Solutions: Breweries

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For the rest of the summer, The Go! Agency blog will focus on the social media habits of different industries. For each week in August, our first blog will explain common mistakes made by an industry; our second blog will explain how to fix those mistakes.  

To show you how quickly and easily these mistakes can be corrected, we’ll examine the mistakes of Atlantis Beer Company. (Note: This example is a hypothetical case study that combines features from several different situations. Names, locations, and other details have been changed to protect the privacy and anonymity of source examples.)

Brothers Arthur and Orm took over Atlantis Beer Company after their mother retired. ABC has a larger brewery with an attached tasting room, restaurant, and events hall. Arthur is the brewmaster, Orm is the sales director, and Mera–Arthur’s wife–is the tasting room manager and events coordinator. We’re mostly referring to the brewery’s Instagram page, but they also crosspost to Twitter and Facebook. 

Essentially, their account looks like:

Mistake #1: Content Issues
Unfortunately, none of the three leaders really has the time to manage ABC’s social media accounts, so they rotate every month. Mera and Orm have a more serious tone, compared to Arthur’s laid-back aesthetic. Mera keeps everything concise and clear, and her image posts are often minimalist photos of beer against plain backdrops. Arthur favors a more casual approach to social media, so his months feature pictures of the crew, behind the scenes shots, and photos of his Hungarian puli, Topo. Orm’s posts are almost all promotional in nature, sometimes including jargon that is almost incomprehensible to anyone who is not a sales professional. Their approaches are so dissimilar that it almost seems like their social media accounts switch to a different business every month. 
Solution: Get organized.
The leaders of ABC need to get together and develop a strategy for their social media presence. They are all over the place content-wise, and at the same time monotonous! While it’s good to have a mixture of staged and candid photos, they are all over the place tonally. They need to decide what overall style they want for their brewery. After they’ve settled on a consistent tone, they need to devise a content schedule so that they can more evenly distribute types of content for their social media pages.

Mistake #2: Wall-to-Wall Promotion
Orm, as the head of sales, feels like he must take every opportunity to push their product. He showcases every new beer release, every new menu feature, et cetera. Orm believes that every encounter with a customer is an opportunity to sell, and he is an opportunistic guy.
Solution: Vary your content.
Orm might be great at sales, but he doesn’t know a lot about marketing. Social media marketing is all about connection and communication, not pushing a product. Don’t bombard your followers with sales pitches. Allow your brand to speak for itself: show, don’t tell. Instead of telling followers to buy your new beer, show the release party. Instead of telling followers how popular your brewery is, show the tasting room on a crowded weeknight. On a similar note, share news about beer festivals and other events featuring your brand. If you’re sponsoring a charity event or cause, post about that too!

Mistake #3: Too Many Memes
Garth and Jackson, bartenders, both love a good meme and share them with Arthur, who in turn posts them when he’s in charge of social media.
Solution: Use memes sparingly.
Memes can be hilarious, but these internet jokes get old quickly and tend to age poorly. Post memes rarely, if at all.

Mistake #4: Inconsistent Posting Schedule
Mera tries to post at least three times every week, but the days and times vary. Orm will post a few times a day in the weeks leading up to a new release, but then gets too busy to follow up and sometimes even forgets to update the page for several days. Arthur at least tries to stay consistent, but he hates having to stop what he’s doing and post according to schedule.
Solution: Schedule your posts ahead of time.
There are many programs and tools that allow you to pre-schedule your social media posts. You won’t have to worry about remembering to log in every day or however often to post content. A good scheduling program will also enable you to crosspost to different platforms.

Mistake #5: Sub-Par Visuals
Arthur’s casual approach to social media is great for showcasing ABC’s company culture, but his cavalier attitude toward picture quality is terrible for ABC’s overall image. Judging by his photos, Arthur apparently thinks that blurry images seem more candid. 
Solution: Commit to using better images.
Social media posts with images are just more successful. On Facebook, posts accompanied by images receive over twice the engagement as posts with no images! Tweets with images were favorited 89% more often than those without images, and were retweeted 150% more often than non-image tweets. Knowing these facts, would it still be acceptable to post bad pictures? Of course not! You don’t need to hire a professional, but your photos do need to look polished. Luckily for ABC, Tula–their brewer and quality control expert–happens to have minored in photography and is willing to help out with visuals.

As you can see, the biggest part of fixing these issues is simply committing to doing so. You need to take social media seriously, no matter your industry. Small breweries are a bright spot during this uncertain economic time (The Atlantic explains more about their impact on the U.S. economy), so they should capitalize on their unique position.

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Social Media Marketing Evaluation: Breweries


For the rest of the summer, The Go! Agency blog will focus on the social media habits of  some of our favorite industries. Every week, our first blog will explain common mistakes made by an industry; followed by a second blog that will explain how to fix them. Think of this series as What Not to Wear for social media marketers!

This week we’ll see what breweries are doing on social media that torpedo their chance of marketing success.

Hyperfocus on Beer

We get it. You make beer. You serve beer. Presumably, you enjoy beer. That’s great, but so does every other brewery in the history of fermentation. What makes your brewery different? Do you have a monthly game night? Are you pet-friendly? Do you support any charities? Is your building historic? Does your brewery double as a venue, maybe for weddings or concerts? What about art shows, open-mic nights, rap battles, or slam poetry festivals? Show users why your establishment is worth their time, money, and commute. (Brew pubs and restaurant breweries, take note: you are just as guilty of this as your hoppy brethren. If your social media posts are mostly shots of meal pairings or beer-based menu items–no matter how creative the recipe or avant-garde the presentation–your page will be boring.)

Speaking of which, the “picture of a beer bottle/beer can with the beer’s name as the only description” trope needs to go away. Even if the label art is phenomenal, even if the beer’s name is a hilarious and profound pun containing layers of allusions–these posts are boring. It is possible to have too much minimalism: people who are interested in your product would like to get information on your product.

Wall-to-Wall Promotion

On a similar note, far too many breweries focus solely on promoting their wares. By all means, post shots of seasonal menu specials, beer pairing dinners, and full dining rooms. However, your social media profile should showcase your brand as a whole: that means showing followers your corporate personality, not just your products.


[Author’s note: runners-up for this subheading title included “All your beers are belong to us”; “ERMAHGERD! AAYELLE!”; “i can haz pilznar?”; and “Such Hops, Much Ferment.”]

Memes are, for better or worse, now part of our culture. Even the best memes, however, can get very boring very quickly–particularly when they make up 70 percent or more of your social media posts. A much more effective way to show followers that you are funny, hip, and/or edgy is to actually introduce the funny, hip, and/or edgy people who work for you. A few memes can add humor and a spark of irreverence to your social media profile, but use them sparingly.

Haphazard Posting Schedules

In the month leading up to the release of a new beer, you posted eight times a week. In the three months following that release, you posted eight times period. Be consistent with your posting schedule. At the very least, major activity promoting a new brew immediately followed by radio silence might make followers think that your new release was a flop–otherwise you’d be posting about it, right? You should always choose quality over quantity, so it’s fine to forgo posting lackluster content just for the sake of posting something. That being said, you should establish and stick to a consistent posting schedule.

Monotonous Content

You can have too many photos of sunsets from the porch. You can have too many shots of dogs wearing bandanas. You can have too many pics of your staff gathered around a keg, of bartenders pouring a pint, and patrons raising their glasses in silent toast. Mix it up a bit. 

Bad Photos

This is a universal mistake that is made by every industry (yes, even some professional photographers are guilty of this on social media). You don’t necessarily need to hire a pro, but you do need to take visuals seriously. You want your images to look polished–and don’t just assume that any mistakes can be fixed by using a filter. Far too often, breweries seem to think that an Instagram filter is the answer for everything, only to end up with washed-out, over-exposed, poorly-cropped pictures.

In out next post, we’ll take a look at a hypothetical brewery that has committed all of these social media sins. We’ll explain how to remedy these issues in our next post!

Is your brand languishing in obscurity? Are you struggling with social media? The Go! Agency can help revitalize your social media marketing strategy! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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