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How You Can Make Instagram Work for Your Service Business

How You Can Make Instagram Work for Your Service Business

You don’t need a professional photographer to have a successful Instagram page!

Instagram is about more than pretty photos of the New York skyline and cupcakes with fun frosting—it’s about connecting with your audience! And that’s something that your service business is completely capable of doing, provided you’re willing to put the time and resources into it.

I’ve had dozens (if not hundreds) of clients tell me they’re not sure how to market on Instagram since they don’t have photos of products to show off. But I promise you that with a little thought and planning, you’re not going to need products to be a success on Instagram!

Share Your Values
There’s a popular Simon Sinek quote that goes, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Apply that here, and you’ll see why it really doesn’t matter that you don’t have products to show off, because honestly, nobody cares. We’ve all seen a thousand appliances, shirts, etc.; you need to show people why they want to support your business!

I find that quotes are usually a great way to show readers your values, if you can do them correctly. An inspirational quote from Oprah might be great, but not if your brand is trying for edgy and gritty. Remember to stay consistent with your brand’s voice!

But don’t think that you have to go as obvious as quotes to show people what’s important to you. One strategy that a lot of our clients love is having weekly customer spotlights with a photo and a fun story from or about the customer. What’s the draw? People see that you care about the customers as people, and it shows a human side to your business. If you want to add in some free attention, create a branded hashtag so people can tag photos of/about your service in the hopes of being in your next customer spotlight!

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Give Some Tips
I’ve found that a lot of clients don’t immediately understand the value of giving people tips about what you do. After all, if you tell them how to do something, won’t they just do it themselves?

In a word: no. In a few more words:

We once had a client who owned a housekeeping business, and they were confused when we suggested posting cleaning tips. “If I tell them how to clean, why would they hire me?”

Because nobody has ever seen a tip on how to clean their garbage disposal and decided that they were going to scrub their house top to bottom. Tips don’t mean that people want to put all the hassle and effort into doing your job for you, but they do show your audience that you’re an authority in your industry.

For visuals to accompany these posts, I’d recommend finding stock images that make sense for your brand from an image-sharing site.

Highlight Your Customer’s Problem
You don’t always have to focus on the benefits of your service. Don’t be afraid to go a little negative sometimes! What’s something that your customer absolutely hates dealing with? Maybe it’s filing their taxes, being bored, doing yard work, anything! Take whatever they hate and remind them how annoying it is while positioning your brand as the solution.

Maybe you’re running a landscaping company. You might point out how uncomfortable it is to be out in the heat, how easy it is to cut yourself with grass clippers, etc. along with a photo of someone sweating outside or holding their hand in pain. This reminds people why they need your service, and if you get creative enough, you can bet they’ll remember it!

Try It Out
If your target audience is using Instagram (and they probably are), then you need to be there. You can waste plenty of time wondering if Instagram is the right platform for your business, but the best way to know is to try it out! Take my advice and you shouldn’t have any trouble thinking of great posts for your service business!

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