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5 Great Tips For Making Effective Email Blasts

5 Great Tips For Making Effective Email Blasts

In today’s age, we all get a ton of emails every single day. If left unchecked, most people’s inboxes will get loaded down with hundreds of junk letters in just a few weeks. So, with all of these emails pouring into our accounts, how can a marketer expect any emails to hit home? Email can be more effective than you may think. However, it needs to be done right or your receivers will be hitting that “junk” button before they get to read your entire message. Here are the top 5 simple ways to make sure your email marketing works just right:

Know your software. To have truly successful email blasts, you will need some help. There are plenty of software options for you to choose from, but we recommend looking into Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Vertical Response. If you have experience using other scheduling programs like Hootsuite, you should have no problem figuring these programs out. If you are completely new to this type of marketing tool, take some time to really get to know your new software. Have patience, because these will soon become indispensable resources.

Be consistent. While those on your mailing list may not be expecting an email from you, the goal of email marketing is to regularly remind your customer base of your services and new updates happening in your business. The aforementioned software will help you remain on time with publishing, but you will also want to stick to a regimented writing schedule yourself.

Integrate social media. When compiling your email, do not forget to supply hyperlinks that will direct readers to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. This will maximize coverage and take advantage of the email’s potential. 

Be brief. As we have said, no one is expecting your email blasts, so you do not want to slow their day down with an extremely drawn out message. Keep it short and effective. 

Create an eye-catching subject line. As much as you compete for readers’ attention on social media, email blasts require the same amount of effort. You need a snappy subject line to make people feel like they need to read that email! You can make it relevant and reference something happening in the world such as a holiday, election, sports event, etc. If it is more sales-oriented, you could let the customer feel special and say it is a “special invitation for loyal customers” or an “exclusive offer”– just don’t come off like spam! Most importantly, keep to the truth!


Email marketing allows direct access to your customers in a unique way. Think of it as a “follow up” on steroids. It is an effective tool that will serve as a continuous reminder to your customers just how awesome your company is.

What tools do you utilize for email marketing? Share below!

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