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4 Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

4 Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

There has been a lot said about our industry. Social media marketing is gaining speed and now even the tech-illiterate know a little bit about it, or so they think. We have dealt with various communication platforms since the Internet started taking flight, and we are finally seeing its effectivity everywhere!. It’s always interesting to see what people who aren’t heavily involved think about social media. One of our favorite stories is about a friend’s grandmother who thought that Facebook was only for gossip, since she was only exposed to people talking about others on the popular website. Like everything else in our lives, there are preconceived notions about social media. The marketing side of things is no different. Eager entrepreneurs and business owners see the reach that the internet offers and want to jump right in. Often times, however, they may not fully understand what they are getting into. So, let’s set some things straight.

Social Media Marketing Isn’t Free. Sure, signing up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram is free, but once you are ready to dig a little deeper, it will cost you. These platforms and all others like them thrive on advertising revenue, and they sure know how to make their money. Less and less is becoming free, so be sure to save at least 9% of your marketing budget for tools such as Facebook advertising and Twitter Cards.

Don’t expect immediate ROI. It is a businessperson’s instinct to try to analyze a marketing technique’s return on investment. Social media marketing doesn’t work like that. It is more about communication with one’s customer base as well as showing an interest in the global community. Yes, it will most definitely bring life to your business and customers will notice you more than ever, but not in a traditional sense. There is a large subjective element to this type of marketing.

You will not go viral overnight. Social media marketing takes time. Users do not typically soar to Internet stardom extremely quickly. Your internet presence needs to build up over time. You need to be patient and consistent.

Social Media is not a “once and done” type thing. Social media takes effort. You do not just create a page and let things alone. You need to post often- at least once a day for Facebook, and multiple times for Twitter. Social media marketing is an investment in time as well as assets. However, it is absolutely worth it.

As you can see, this new marketing strategy takes some time and effort that social media managers work at great lengths to perfect. However, if you have patience and determination, you will see wonderful rewards.

What other misconceptions do you know about? Comment below!

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Reply Jun 5 / 2018

Great post! Facebook is the ultimate digital marketing topic of controversy, no doubt.

What I love about it is, there is nothing you can’t measure

Facebook’s metrics are astounding. Far more robust and hyper relevant than you might realize. Friends and family are always asking me about this. They are shocked with how much data we can see in Facebook and all the things you can optimize for.

But here’s the misconception. Merchants can see data on more than just purchases, clicks, impressions, and so on. Facebook has almost every metric you can think of to understand and gain better insight into why your ad is working or isn’t working. If you’re running a video ad, you can see metrics like average video watch time, how many people watched fifty percent of your video, how many people watch all of your video, cost per three second video view, etc. That’s unprecedented. Advertisers in the past would have killed for this kind of market feedback.

In fact, if you’re running a brand awareness or video views campaign, you can estimate the ad recall lift, which is an estimate of the number of people who might remember your ad when asked within two days. It’s unbelievable. And it’s all useful information that goes beyond the basics like click-through rate, impressions and conversion. The best part is, when you get super granular, that’s when it gets deeply insightful.

Happy marketing and good luck to ya

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