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15 Tips to Bring Your Facebook Page to Life: Part 3


So far we have covered 10 ways of enhancing your Facebook Page marketing by enchanting, engaging, educating and entertaining your audience.  Now we are going to round off this topic with the final 5 ways to make your Facebook Page work!

11.  Where Is Your Target Market?

On Facebook, many of your target consumers have their own pages.  So it is a good idea for you to “Like” their page.  This brings you onto their radar, but also them into yours (see #12).  Search keywords in the Facebook search bar and then filter the results by Pages.  Take a look and “Like” suitable candidates.  This helps you branch out, grow your base and hit new markets.

12.  Don’t Forget Your Newsfeed!

What I mean by this is, when you are logged in as your Facebook Page, click on the Facebook logo at the top left side of the page.  This page shows you all of the pages that you have “Liked” (from #11).  This looks very similar to your Personal Newsfeed on Facebook and works the same way.  Scroll through the postings and see what posts you want to “Like”, comment or share with your own page.  Don’t just scroll and click “Like” – browse and make decisions that are on brand and message.  Remember, it’s going to be associated with your brand….not your personal account!

13.  Trade and Cross Promote.

If you have good relationships with certain organizations or business partners, approach them with an exchange: you will send an update about their page and create a post, and they will do the same thing.  This is classic self promotion and works extremely well on enhancing your Facebook Page.

14.  Are You Ignoring Your Insights?

Facebook Insights can be accessed from your Home page and are similar in a way to Google Analytics.  This is a great way to continually check your progress and make sure  that what you are doing is creating success rather than hurting you.  It takes time to learn the ins and outs, but is worth the time.

15.  Ask Questions!

When you are marketing throughout Facebook, make sure to be inquisitive!  Ask questions in your status updates, on other company pages or even start a poll.  This is a great way to engage with your audience.  This is also a great way of getting some feedback.  Think of it as Facebook’s answer to the survey.  The best question I have ever seen?  What sort of posts would you like to see more of/less of?  These types of inquiries will help you actually find out from your own network what’s working and what’s tanking.

Well…there you have it!  I truly hope that these 15 tips will help you reorganize your Facebook Page marketing strategy and enhance not only your numbers, but also the level of engagement of your target consumer.

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15 Tips to Bring Your Facebook Page to Life: Part 2


We have already gone through the first 5 ways of bringing your Facebook Page back to life, and now we are going to jump right into the next 5 things that you can change to make your page more engaging, more interesting and convert your “Likes” to “supporters”.

6.  Tune Out the Chatter

One the toughest parts of Facebook marketing is that there is so much material out there touting “the best” ways of promoting your Facebook Page.  But these mountains of “quick fixes” are not what makes you a success.  I’m writing this to show you how to integrate and strategize rather than logging in and snapping your fingers.  A successful Facebook strategy is not born from tactics, it is born from a solid strategy that is incorporated into the overall marketing activity of your company.

7.  Take Advantage of Applications

On Facebook, every Page comes preloaded with some applications such as pictures, discussions, events, etc.  But there are many more that are at your disposal, that are free of charge and allow you to engage with your audience in a new way.  You know what your clients like or will be interested in, so go and find applications that they will enjoy using.  This will really bring your page to life!

8.  Don’t Forget to Send Updates!

By having a Facebook Page you have the ability of reaching your audience with information at any point in the way of a “Status Update”.  So you want to send out a minimum of 1 of these per day in order to keep in front of your audience.  Don’t have time?  You can even schedule your posts in advance as well as promote them through advertising.

9.  Custom Facebook Images

I’m sure you have been visiting Facebook Pages that have slick graphics, opt-in boxes, video and more.  These are custom designed and can really make a splash.  It is handy to have a graphic designer on-hand to help you deliver the goods, but with a general knowledge of a graphics program such as InDesign or Adobe you can create gorgeous custom headers, logos and tab images for your page.  Push the boat out and even create custom images for your status updates!

10.  Talk Talk Talk, But No Listen

This is one of the biggest pitfalls.  You post and people comment or like.  Someone comes onto your page and posts to your wall.  What do you do?  If you said nothing, then you are missing the trick.  Two way communication is something from the gods when you are doing Facebook Page marketing, so make sure you write back to everyone who has posted, commented or liked.  Answer their questions, thank them for their comments.  You want the conversation to continue, not end before it started.  And while you’re at it, why don’t you go to other pages and comment, like and share?

And that’s your second batch!  Up next, the final 5!

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