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7 Rules For Writing Eye-Catching Tweets

7 Rules For Writing Eye-Catching Tweets

Writing a tweet is a lot like writing a headline. You have to consider every letter, space, syllable, and of course, the audience’s reaction. A tweet is a powerful tool that could make your brand stand above the Twitterverse, or make it sink into the depths. It’s up to you to make a tweet compelling.

Today we’re going to focus primarily on the copywriting side of a tweet, as opposed to the visual side. The following are proven ways to improve your Twitter marketing and marketing copywriting in general.

1. Front load your keywords.

Let’s face it. People don’t have very long attention spans, even with a 140 character limit. Don’t risk people missing the message and make sure the important detail such as keywords are at the beginning of a tweet.

2. Use hashtags — in moderation.

Hashtags are a great way to join a larger conversation about a particular topic. If possible, convert a normal keyword into a hashtag and for those that don’t fit, place them after a link. I would suggest no more than 2 hashtags per tweet.

3. Use “big brand” handles.

Tagging a large company, especially when sharing their content, is an excellent way to garner attention from big names. You will be surprised how many times major companies will interact with medium to small-sized businesses.

4. Make sure your content is relatable and shareable.

One of the most important elements of Twitter is to ensure your content is shareable and relatable to a larger audience. Make sure you tweet about subjects people care about and love talking about.

5. Keep in mind the “curiosity gap.”

The curiosity gap is what all marketers strive close. What makes people interested enough actually to click, thereby making all this work worth it? The answer is enticing content.

6.Chime into nationally trending conversations.

What’s everyone talking about? #NationalSelfieDay? The Olympics? Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Make your brand have a human voice and speak about human issues. Just try and stay away from controversy if at all possible.

7. Simplify, then simplify again.

Okay, so you have 140 characters. That doesn’t mean you should create every tweet at that amount. You shouldn’t do 130 either. Try to leave enough space that people could “quote tweet” your comment with a simple response. Twitter is all about keeping it simple, so the fewer unnecessary words, the better.

Twitter is a valuable tool in your social media utility belt. Each tweet you send out has the power to draw in a broad audience, and increase engagement. Take your time and craft every tweet carefully!

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