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3 Easy Ways to Stay with the Times 

3 Easy Ways to Stay with the Times 

There’s a good reason journalists have flocked to social media, it’s always current. For its success, it has to be always updated and fresh. The same applies for its users. With things so connected now, news gets older quickly. What’s happening today will be old news by tomorrow because people have access to things as they happen. That’s why news stations and their employees utilize these tools so much—it’s perfect for their jobs.

Some of us, however, aren’t as lucky to be in an industry as contemporary and “easily updated” as journalism. Some of us work in industries that are pretty set in stone. So, how exactly can these people keep instilling relevant content into their social media posts? No doubt, it can be a daunting task. However, these easy tips will help anyone stay trending.

• Hashtags- Not enough can be said about hashtags. These handy little tools aren’t just to describe what your post is about. It’s like shooting a flair up in the middle of the night. By using popular hashtags, you have the opportunity to be on people’s radar who are searching for the subject matter. Tags as simple as #recipes can work great for broader requests. Complicated tags like #NationalDonutDay2016 will narrow your reach, however you may be able to get better quality results. A big question we get asked is, how can you can tell what hashtags are popular today? It’s a good question. Follow some of the most popular twitter accounts and you can see some of the biggest hashtags in action. From celebrities to relevant companies, you’ll be able to analyze what others are doing. What if you don’t find any hashtags that are right for you? You need to spin your content in a way that will make it relevant. Even if you get to use broad tags like #TGIF or #ManicMondays, pretty universally relatable ones, you need to use something. This brings us to the next point…

• Don’t Only Post Sales- Let’s face it- nobody likes the equivalent of a used car salesman online. If your news feeds are only promotional posts, you’re not going to get much engagement, which is what it’s all about. You need to post relevant topics, but interesting ones as well. You’re supposed to post things that are eye-catching, fun, contemporary, or shocking. Controversial may or may not work for you, depending on your field, but you don’t want to start an online brawl while trying to seek attention. It’s not really recommended to post your own political commentary while writing on behalf of your business. You can also post things just for laughs. Keeping things light hearted can be good.

• Explore Your Field- You may be surprised by just how up-to-date your industry is. Sure, you can spotlight different aspects of your business in different posts and blogs, but look at the social media accounts of your fellow colleagues. From the big names to your local competitors, there are new changes in rules, equipment, policies, and customer requirements that you’ll benefit from reading yourself!

As you can see, there is no excuse your social media content can’t be relevant. These top ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find great ways to generate your own creations as you dive in!

Do you have other ways of being relevant in your field? Let us know!

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