On behalf of the entire team at The Go! Agency, I want to personally welcome you as a valued client. We are excited to have you on board and want to welcome you to our Client Portal: your fast-track to launching your campaign and opening the door for open and clear communication with your dedicated team of social media specialists.

There are 6 different important steps that we want you to quickly move through that will help you more easily navigate the first stages of your campaign. Oh the steps below, each will take less than a few minutes to read through. Step 1, the questionnaire, will take the longest – but should not take more than 45 minutes to complete.

Here is a quick overview of the contents contained within your Client Portal:

Step 1: Questionnaire
The most crucial document for your campaign, the questionnaire provides your team at The Go! Agency real insight into not only your company but also as to what your expectations are for the campaign. Please ensure this is completed first and ASAP, as we require this to begin the strategy and setup process.

Step 2: Schedule Welcome Call
Once we receive your completed questionnaire, next up is for us to provide a more formal introduction to your team and for you to meet your Account Manager. This welcome call helps answer any initial questions that you may in addition to having the team share strategy, targets, goals, and the rollout schedule for your social media marketing campaign.

Step 3: Meet Your Account Manager
Here you get to learn a little bit more about who your Account Manager is and what they will be helping you with throughout your campaign.

Step 4: Approvals and Your Responsibility to Your Campaign
Of course we want you to consider us your online marketing department down the hall – so there are aspects of your business that will happen in real time that we will need to know about. How do you communicate these? Also we will need your approval for items – how will that work? All is answered here!

Step 5: Social Media Updates: Explained
One of the main questions are what are social media updates and what will they look like when sent over? We have the explanation and samples here so that you can get familiar with the structure, the format, and what to expect!

Step 6: Reporting and Campaign Enhancements
One of the best parts of being a client of The Go! Agency is that your Account Manager keeps a global outlook on your campaign at all times. Meaning that they will be creating custom monthly reports as well as making suggestions in real-time about anything that could help your overall strategy and get you closer to your goals.

Again, we are excited to have you on board and can’t wait to go above and beyond as well as and over deliver on the goals that you have for your social media marketing campaign. I will be personally overseeing your campaign and advising on its success, so I can’t wait to see it move from success to success.

Head Strategist and CEO

Let’s Go!
Bulletproof Marketer