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Writing An Amazing Bio For Social Media Marketing

Writing An Amazing Bio For Social Media Marketing

If you had to sum up what your brand represents in a brief statement, would you be able to do it? You would think that it’s a simple task, but many business owners and marketers alike find themselves fumbling in an attempt to narrow down their mission into just a brief paragraph.

When it comes to crafting a perfect social media biography, you need to think about short, effective, and keyword-driven copy. You’re competing against your audience’s attention span and the platform’s limited space, so you really need to make every word count. With this concept in mind, let’s jump right into it.

Here is a great bio to look at for reference:

Oak Meadow Assisted Living Community is located in the heart of Tuscon, AZ and has been improving residents’ lives since 1977. We specialize in Memory Care, Personal Care, Independent Living, and Respite Care. If your aging loved one needs help with day to day tasks or suffers from a form of dementia, contact us today to discover how can help. Call 555-343-2766 to learn more or visit our site to learn more: www.samplesite.com.

Here are the steps to take when writing your company’s bio online:

1. Revisit your mission statement. You’ve most likely written a mission statement in the early days of conceptualizing your business. Mission statements serve as a great resource when you’re writing a bio for social media. In fact, this is where you may find a lot of inspiration. Ask yourself this question — “What would I need to know to understand this business as an outsider?” Your answer should be the driving force behind your biography.

2. Searchable keywords. Since space is an issue, make sure all nouns are important keywords people would use to search for a business like yours. Your goal is to establish what your business is, the services you offer, and who would actually need what you’re offering. You can see above that Oak Meadow’s bio does all that in a very small space. You really wouldn’t need much more to understand Oak Meadow’s operations.

3. Add a call to action. This is important, particularly for Instagram since you can’t add links to your posts. This is a vital call to action that a surprising amount of people forgo. Don’t forget, one of the main goals of social media is to invite your audience to further delve into your brand. A call to action should always be accessible. For Instagram, you can end your promo posts’ copy with [LINK IN BIO] so your audience doesn’t have to look far for your website. Additionally, as Oak Meadow put, you should add a phone number so everyone using their smartphones on social media (over 200 million daily) can just tap your number and the conversation can begin!

4. Make it consistent. Finally, don’t forget that your bio is a major part of your branding and as a result, you need to ensure it is consistent across all your accounts on the variety of platforms. Your bio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the other social media sites must be the same. This is why it’s important to keep it short, simple, and relatable.

If you are trying to craft a compelling bio for your business, you may be at the very beginning of your social media marketing journey. Or perhaps you already have a bio and it seems a little flat. Either way, the above steps will help you create an effective biography that will benefit your overall strategy. Keep an eye out later this week for our about the content structure and copy’s tone so you can be sure your bio is punchy and memorable.

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