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The 5 Basic Metrics New Social Media Marketers Need To Study

The 5 Basic Metrics New Social Media Marketers Need To Study

Are you just getting started with social media marketing? The first thing you need to know right away is that this industry thrives on data. Our work consists of a healthy mix of creativity and number crunching, which helps us deliver fantastic results. Our previous blog explored the three main metrics that you should be following:

Conversation Rate

– Audience Demographics

– Conversion Rate

But if you’re just getting started, you’re probably still trying to get the basics down. Here are the five basic metrics you need to closely watch.

1. Followers. Consider this the equivalent to a friend request. These people like your brand, and as a result, they want to follow your brand so they get your content delivered to their news feeds whenever you post.

2. Shares. A share is essentially the act of someone sending your content off to their own circle of friends on social media. This is fantastic, as it increases your online visibility to all the friends of those who shared your content.

3. Likes. A simple sign of approval. It seems like it might just be something fun, but in reality, it adjusts users’ individual algorithms so they see more and more of your content, further solidifying the customer-brand relationship.

4. Mentions. If someone mentions your brand in their own content, they’re bringing more light to your business’s online presence. It also gives you a great opportunity to respond in a professional, friendly matter.

5. Clicks. A very important metric- clicks are social proof that users are liking your content. They’re choosing to delve further into your brand’s story by clicking your content and learning more.

It’s your job as a social media marketer to have a close watch on all 5 of these metrics. As your business grows, these should all grow as well. If you see slumps in your growth — which is totally normal– you need to go back to your strategy and see how you can do things differently, whether the solution lies in content, advertising, or outreach.

Our team at The Go! Agency loves to help our clients soar in all five of these areas. It’s your time to shine online! Contact us today to learn more: https://gosalesandmarketing.com/

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