17 March 2020






Nebtek provides professional video and film equipment to owner operators, production companies and studios.

Their team of world-class technicians have worked on motion picture, television and commercial projects such as The Amazing Spider-Man, John Carter, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Pirates of The Caribbean 3, Twilight, Tron: Legacy, The Hulk, Scary Movie 2, and Con Air.

The Client Wanted…

Our client is a giant in their field, but had never used social media to reach their niche target audience of technical specialists.  Due to hectic work schedules and key staff members pulled regularly onto major motion pictures, it was absolutely impossible for them to formulate and execute a cohesive social media strategy.  They wanted us to help them get set up, grow their network, and promote specials and new products in real-time.

The Go! Agency Delivered…

In order to help our client reach their influence, website, and branding goals online, we focused a campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Here are the outcomes of our custom social media marketing campaign:

  • 60+ pieces of original content per month across all platforms
  • Brand consistency from unified visual identity across all platforms
  • Increased event attendance from promotion and marketing before/during/after occasion
  • Drastic increase of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter search rankings
  • 1,900% Facebook network growth
  • 2,200% Twitter network growth
  • 3,100+ LinkedIn connections
  • 890,217+ LinkedIn professionals exposed to client networking in Groups
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