17 March 2020







MiraMed Global Services stands as the premier global provider of business process outsourcing solutions to healthcare organizations nationwide. MiraMed partners with hospitals, health networks, physician practices, and related industry service organizations to provide a broad portfolio of customizable solutions, uncover and capitalize on hidden financial opportunities, improve productivity, and ultimately increase profits.

The key to MiraMed’s success is its unique business model that has evolved over the last 25 years. Under this model, MiraMed pairs healthcare industry experts with world-class processes, infrastructure and technology to deliver meaningful and measurable results.  This proprietary model enables sustainable change by delivering a complete, customizable “end-to-end” solution devised to meet a client’s own unique financial and organizational needs.

With operations across the globe, MiraMed’s expertise stretches far and runs deep, providing healthcare organizations an unparalleled reservoir of industry knowledge, creative solutions and, most importantly, measurable results.  Today, MiraMed is one of the largest healthcare BPOs in the United States, employing nearly 3,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, serving more than 700 hospitals and 8,000 providers while processing in excess of $1 billion in payments annually.

The Client Wanted…

As a strong international brand with name recognition in their direct market, the client wanted to expand this sentiment into the social media arena.  One of the most important aspects of this effort would be to build the profile of the current CEO while also using a two-pronged attack with social media to recruit new staff and new clients.

The Go! Agency Delivered…

To help our client reach their online goals, we focused our efforts on creating successful, engaging promotional hubs on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Here are the outcomes of our custom social media marketing campaign:

  • 60+ pieces of original content per month across all platforms
  • Brand consistency from unified visual identity across all platforms
  • Increased event attendance from promotion and marketing before/during/after occasion
  • Drastic increase of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter search rankings
  • 6,500% Facebook network growth
  • 4,800% Twitter network growth
  • 9,200+ LinkedIn connections
  • 680,400+ LinkedIn professionals exposed to client networking in Groups

During the social media marketing campaign, the client wanted a recruitment push using Facebook Advertising.  To help them reach their target, we advised on the proper way to set up their own website for data capture and engagement.

  • Facebook Advertising campaign
  • 6 variations of advertisement with images
  • Custom advertisement copy
  • Campaign built around specific targets (age, geographic location, employment background, interests, and titles)
  • Full campaign management and reporting
  • Full budget management
  • 1,000+ direct website hits based on a modest budget
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