Total Local Online Marketing Package

There is no doubt that the combination of SEO and Social Media can create lots of impact for a local business.

Especially if you are looking for:

Higher Google Results

More Calls

Increased Brand Visibility

Visits to Your Location

Hits to Your Website

and Lots More

Why Local Marketing?

If your business offers products or services locally, the good news is you can already narrow down your target audience: people that live nearby. The bad news is your competitors can just as easily figure that out too and since your audience is already narrow, you need an effective marketing strategy to win your customers.

What’s important is using a mixture of services that work best locally. We find a mixture of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Clicks ads, using local keywords, along with a strong social media presence works best.

We Can Help

At The Go! Agency we are experts in social media with over 8 years of proven excellence in the field and hundreds of satisfied clients served.

For our Local Online Marketing Package we partner with our friends at KitMedia, who offer unsurpassed SEO and PPC services in the industry and specialize in helping local clients find their footing online to drive results.

Not being found in your local market? Then let’s stop talking and start acting!

We currently offer the following packages:

Starting From

Starter Package

This is the perfect choice for someone who wants to throw their hat in the ring and get started in building their online presence.

Starting From

Professional Package

For the more established business that wants to create a larger impression in the local market and drive more leads.

Starting From

The Enterprise Package

For any business that wants to fully commit to building their online presence, create leads, increase brand visibility, and lots more.


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