The Go Method

22 Simple Steps to Creating a Social Media Strategy That Works!

If you are reading this sentence right now, my guess is that you already have an interest in social media marketing. Maybe you are interested in learning more about how to market your business on Facebook. Perhaps you are trying to figure out why your LinkedIn profile is not getting many views. Are you trying to make sense of Twitter?

But how many of you out there are interested in learning the secret to social media success across all of the popular platforms?

All of the tips and tactics can’t help you if you are working off of a blank slate and just throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks. Integration of your company’s goals and mission into your overall social media marketing strategy is one of the keys to online success.

A strong online (and offline) marketing strategy is less about gluing together random tips and tricks and more about coming up with an informed and cohesive strategy that ties all of the fundamentals together.

The Go! Method is for anyone who is ready to begin a social media marketing campaign for their business or has taken the leap into social media but is unsure what the objective is or what results should be expected.

This book is different in that it will help you focus on how to create a successful, and customized, social media strategy. Christopher Tompkins will walk you carefully through all of the steps that you need to follow to create a social media strategy that will not only build your brand online effectively, but also help you hit the ground running when you are ready to begin!

And this is a tried and tested process! The Go! Method has been used to create social media success not only for clients of The Go! Agency, but also for the thousands of students that they have taught over the years.