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Should My Business Use A Website Template Site Or Create A Custom Website?

Should My Business Use A Website Template Site Or Create A Custom Website?

We’ve all seen the commercials for those websites that allow a business owner to make a website with just a few clicks of the button. They’re tempting, I know. Some of them even offer the whole service for free. It seems almost too good to be true right? Well, no surprise, those websites may not have the ability to perform in the same way a custom site can.

At The Go! Agency, we work with plenty of business owners who also saw those commercials and wonder “Why would I bother getting a custom-built site when I can get a free one?” As experts in this field, we can’t emphasize enough  “You get what you pay for” enough. Here’s why:

1. “Free” isn’t free.

Many of these websites offer a free website. But the problem is that the “free version” is so extremely limited that you might as well not have any site at all. For example, if Ray’s AC Repair went with a free website and didn’t pay for a premium domain, it could be rayacrepair.freewebsiteco.com. Try fitting that on a business card! As you can see, that’s not only difficult for a customer to remember, it looks extremely unprofessional. Beyond domain names, these sites will continue to nickel and dime users by depriving them of necessary tools, features, and designs that are needed to have a decent site. By the end, users end up paying a ton of money for a subpar product.

2. Cookie Cutter Syndrome.

Free websites give companies what we call “Cookie Cutter Syndrome.” To be frank, it’s pretty obvious when a company uses one of these templates. There are common and boring designs you can find all over the internet. A customer may not notice, but the cookie cutter syndrome goes beyond a bland website. Many of these websites function the same and as a result, lack customization options. They lack features such as specialized e-commerce options, customer communications, and user interactions.

3. They work. Sort of.

When we create a website for a client, they get our full support. If something happens, we take care of it  — period. We have the ability to go into our websites and fix any problem that may come up. With a template-based company, you will have to contact a tech support agent and hope they can fix it when they get the chance. These websites have a tendency to break more often because of their poor coding and interface.

4. Sure, the website is cheap, but so is the security.

The biggest problem of all with these “template” sites is their shoddy security. As you might guess, this is a huge deal. If your website’s security is compromised, so is your company’s private information. Needless to say, website security is not something you should be cheap with.

Are you looking to create a real website for your business? Contact us! We would be glad to build you a secure, professional, and fully-customized website that your customers will flock to!


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