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6 Tools You Need for Your Podcast

6 Tools You Need for Your Podcast

It’s one thing to decide that a podcast is right for your brand, but it’s another to actually start recording. I’ve already covered why you need a podcast. Now I want to get you creating relevant, well-produced content!

Let’s review the six tools you’ll need to create a successful podcast!

1. Sound Proofing
I don’t care if your office is a library staffed exclusively with church mice—as soon as you start recording, there is going to be an obnoxious noise, I promise you. Since you can’t prevent it, the next best thing is going to be canceling it out while you’re recording.

Establishing a sound-proofed space to record is crucial. Even mild noises like chatter is going to worsen your audio quality and lower your production value. If you want a clean, professional-sounding podcast, the only thing your listeners should be hearing is whoever’s speaking into the mic! Which reminds me…

2. A Good Microphone
No, your laptop’s microphone isn’t good enough and yes, that’s still true even if you have your brand’s latest model. You need a device dedicated to recording clear audio, plain and simple. Anything else is going to let you down and give you scratchy, rough recordings.

If you don’t want to break the bank, go for something without all the extra bells and whistles. All you need is clear audio, so don’t feel pressured to buy the most expensive mic when you’re just starting out.

3. A Pop Filter
Even with a great mic, you’re going to notice in post that your b’s and p’s sound uncomfortably loud. A pop filter will remove any concern about that, and they’re pretty cheap, too! It might sound like an unnecessary expense, but I promise you, you’ll feel differently when you’re listening to your podcast and realize how awkward your b’s and p’s sound.

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4. Headphones
You’ll need a pair of quality headphones (not ear buds) to make sure you can hear yourself. This is doubly important if you’ll be video chatting with guests—nobody wants to listen to a podcast host shouting “WHAT” at their guest every few minutes.

Don’t go crazy with it, but treat purchasing a set of headphones like investing in your business. Expensive isn’t always better, but going as cheap as possible is usually a bad call.

5. Audio Software
You can be a master public speaker with the best equipment in the world—you’ll still need to edit your audio. This could be cutting out awkward stumbles or just mastering the audio when the sound quality is a little off. Regardless, invest in a quality product with a lot of positive reviews, because your podcast can only be as good as your editing!

6. Design Software
You probably didn’t think of this one, but graphic design plays a role in podcasting, too. If you want to post your podcast on iTunes (which you absolutely should), you’ll need a nice logo to draw in potential listeners. If you’re thinking of skipping this one, just ask yourself the last time you listened to a podcast without a logo, then go download a nice graphic design software!

Invest In Your Brand
Podcasts are great ways to develop your brand and reach your audience. I’ve given you all the tools you need to get started, so the only thing left to do is dive in and do the work.

If this all sounds like a little much, don’t be overwhelmed. Set up your free consultation with The Go! Agency and we’ll talk about your podcasting options!

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