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Your Small Business Needs Facebook Social Media Marketing

Your Small Business Needs Facebook Social Media Marketing
If you feel social media is a daunting task and you don’t really need it, you could very well be closing the door on many prospects. To be successful, one must move with the flows of social media evolution.
If you haven’t made a Facebook page for your business, do it now! This is a critical step.
Often, a Facebook business page will be the first listing your customers land on after a Google search. Ensure all of your digital information is correct. This includes the website, contact information and social links.
Try a Facebook contest to engage your audience. Contests provide an easy-going way for you to grow your base. An exciting prize and a fun theme can give your business the spark it has been missing.
Highlight new happenings within your business images. Change your Facebook cover photo to reflect current or upcoming contest, giveaways or new promos.
Pin a post to the top of your Facebook news feed. After sharing new content like a blog post, product, video, etc. Put it right on top, so everyone who visits your page will see your new post first.
Videos! Videos! Videos! In the near future, you and the rest of the world will see a surge in video placement and consumption on Facebook. Being that video production is not as costly as in prior years, many successful businesses are turning to video to usher in old and new visitors to their pages. Don’t fall behind and start once the market is saturated. Written copy is great, but a simple video will create more audience engagement thus leading to more sales of your services or products.
You can also do this with Facebook Live. Many big brands are choosing this format over all others. Anything can happen with live video, and your audience knows it. Give them a look into a big event you and your team have worked so hard to produce or an inside view into the exciting life you live as an entrepreneur. Really anything you find intriguing- record it and post it!
Keep your updates concise and to the point. You don’t need to write a four paragraph diatribe on why customers love your product or services so much. Research indicates longer posts are void of the amount of readership a quick, snappy post can generate.
Take a great quote from your blog and post it on Facebook. A piece of interesting data or a thought provoking fact may have your audience clicking away to read your blog thus promoting action from the readers.
Don’t let Facebook be a burden. Find exciting ways to unleash your content to your audiences. Track all that you do regarding social media tactics. Build on what works and scrap what doesn’t!
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