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GoTV Episode 2

GoTV Episode 2

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Instagram might enable users to tag videos.
Instagram is currently testing a feature that enables users to tag video posts. User tagging is great for encouraging engagement, as users are notified when someone tags them in other content. Although users can tag others in the comments section of a video, this option is a more organic method. Additionally, the in-video tags allow comments sections to (hopefully) focus on discussion. This feature is currently testing.

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Universal Pictures teams with Facebook and Messenger for first integrated AR experience.
To promote the DVD release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Universal pictures joined forces with Facebook to create an integrated augmented reality (AR) experience for Facebook Messenger app users. This is proof of AR’s growing popularity among major platforms, as social media networks and apps continue to compete for users and engagement.

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What do you think about brands moving into AR? Would you be more swayed to see the movie based on this ad? 

Facebook’s Canvas ads get a new name and new features. 
Facebook is revamping its Canvas ads, advertisements that acted as a site-within-a-site on Facebook’s mobile app. Renamed “Instant Experience,” these ads will continue to offer an immersive experience in addition to new features and options. The updated ads also have improved performance and load times. Facebook Pixel will now automatically be included in the Instant Experience ads if the advertiser’s website also uses Facebook Pixel.

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Twitter debuts audio-only live streams.
The microblogging leviathan is now dabbling in audio. The platform announced recently that it will enable iOS users (soon to be joined by Android users) to live stream audio-only content. Periscope engineer Richard Plom explains,

“Broadcasting with audio only in Periscope is something the community has been asking for, and have been doing already by covering the camera lens. Sometimes people are not comfortable being on camera, but they still want to broadcast and interact with others via Periscope’s powerful chatroom feature.” 

If you thought that this innovation sounds an awfully lot like a podcast, you are not wrong! It’s essentially podcasting live. Given the popularity of podcasting in America, this is not surprising. Over a quarter of all Americans listen to at least one podcast per month, with 17% of Americans tuning in weekly to their favorite podcasts. (Source: Podcast Insights)

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