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15 Effective Ways To Leverage ‘Doomscrolling’ In Your Marketing

15 Effective Ways To Leverage ‘Doomscrolling’ In Your Marketing

by Forbes Agency Council | Expert Panel 

The year 2020 was so unpredictable and full of surprises — the overwhelming majority of them unpleasant or downright terrible — that people didn’t know what to expect next. To keep up to date with the latest developments, people have taken to their social media feeds to do damage inspection at the beginning of each new day. Popular culture has termed the phenomenon “doomscrolling,” and it’s become a commonplace activity for most people.

With people spending more time on social media, new opportunities can emerge for marketers to raise awareness of their brand and even gain more followers and customers. So how can marketers leverage doomscrolling to their benefit?

This article originally appeared on Forbes.com, on February 11, 2021. Read the rest of the article here.


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