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The Brands That Got Their Marketing Right

The Brands That Got Their Marketing Right

With solid marketing, your brand can stand out and thrive, even in oversaturated industries. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Let’s look at some brands crushing it in the marketing game using unique content and bold marketing strategies.

Patagonia Cares About Their Authenticity

Patagonia is a model of brand authenticity. The outdoor gear giant sells products and a lifestyle deeply rooted in respect for the planet. Its marketing strategy is a great example of tapping into its customers’ values and correctly addressing social issues.

Here is what they do right:

  • They align their values with their customers. Patagonia’s messaging isn’t just about gear but a shared commitment to environmental change. They regularly share content about sustainability and environmentally safe ideas that have built a strong bond with their eco-conscious audience.
  • They focus on building their community around their values. By creating a community around causes like climate change, Patagonia turns customers into advocates. This approach makes their audience 4-6 times more likely to buy from and advocate for them.
  • Most importantly, they back up their words with action. You can talk the talk all you want, but it won’t build any goodwill with your audience if you aren’t prepared to walk the walk.

Here’s what you should learn from them:

First, identify the values your brand shares with its customers and survey your audience to understand how they want to see brands respond.

Use this insight to create messaging that speaks their language and encourages them to share their experiences.

Hootsuite Knows How to Leverage Influencer Marketing

Despite not being a household name like Patagonia (unless you’re a marketer), Hootsuite knows how to use influencer marketing to create buzz and drive engagement. Their strategy is the perfect blueprint for smaller, niche brands looking to make a big impact.

Here’s what they do right:

  • They collaborate with influencers with substantial niche followings.
  • Using their influencers, they deliver content that feels both relatable and authoritative, effectively pulling followers through their marketing funnel.

What should you learn from Hootsuite?

Identify influencers who resonate with your ideal buyer. Leverage their authority to create engaging, relatable content that amplifies your brand’s message. Consider strategies like white labeling to put ad dollars behind sponsored posts and reach a larger audience.

These brands show that successful marketing is more than just selling products, it’s about building relationships and communities around shared values and interests. By understanding your audience and creating content that resonates deeper, you can turn customers into advocates and drive long-term success for your brand.

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