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The Importance of the Facebook “LIKE”


When it comes to the wonderful world of the Facebook “LIKE” there are two big differences. You can either click the ‘like’ button on a businesses or person’s page vs. clicking the ‘like’ button below a post, event, or photo. Here’s why both of these are important and have value to the page in question.

Clicking the LIKE button on the upper right-hand side of a Business Page serves two purposes. For a business, this is very important information to them, as it allows them to show the number of followers that they’ve gained utilizing social media, thereby tracking their Social Media ROI (Rate Of Influence). Secondly, although with Facebook’s new algorithm it’s not a guarantee, it most likely will boost the chance that you’ll get updates, event notifications, and a deeper connection with that person or company.

When you ‘like’ a comment or post, you are acknowledging that you saw, read, empathize, or agree with what someone posted. Doing so makes the poster feel good, knowing that their comment has impacted someone, and it lets that person know that you are interested. People and businesses that pay attention will then post more information based on what people ‘like’ or comment on. It’s all about engagement here.

The other two things you can do to help are to ‘comment’ and/or ‘share’ their Page or Posts with your followers. As ‘likes’ aren’t always shown in your news feed – shares and comments are. This is the Social part of Social Media. If you know someone that might like, benefit, or be able to help the person or business you’re following – click those little buttons! You can also share privately. Don’t be a social media ‘lurker’ – let people know what you think! (But make sure to be courteous!)

While we are talking about “likes” another topic to throw out there is two surefire ways to make sure that you see all of the posts from the pages that you HAVE liked in the past.

The first is clicking the “get notifications” button. To get ‘notifications’ (where the little globe at the top right of your page lets you know the number of new notifications to your Facebook account) make sure you ‘like’ the person or page – then hover over the name, then the ‘liked’ or ‘friends’ button and click ‘get notifications’.

The second way to keep abreast with your liked pages is to create an interest page – go to the ‘Add Interests’ button at the very bottom of the left column of your home page (you may have to click the ‘more’ button). Click ‘create list’.

Either click people, businesses, or categories you want on that list (or enter them in the search bar) and click next – then name your list, select a privacy setting, and then ‘done’. So that your list isn’t living at the bottom of the page – hover next to the named list, and click the pencil – then click ‘favorites’. Your list is now up at the top of your home page under your picture.

P.S. – Although this article is about ‘the power of ‘like’ you do not have to ‘like’ a person or page to subscribe to them in a list.

You can share your lists with your followers by going to the list, click ‘home’ > ‘interests’ > ‘more’ > , then ‘share’ up top.

And finally – on your own page or profile, don’t be afraid to ask people to share, comment, and/or ‘like’ your posts. Sometimes we all need a reminder!

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