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How Musicians Can Rock Social Media

How Musicians Can Rock Social Media

Every business has a place on social media and every industry has unique rules when engaging with their audience. Each field has different tones, terminology, and demographics that can only make sense to those involved in that world. This also pertains to the music frontier. Musicians, at no matter what stage in their career, thrive on publicity and visibility. How else are they going to get their tunes out there? It can help all those aspiring music legends to listen to these tips from Hypebot that can really get your social media accounts rocking:

– Pick your crowd. It’s important to be sure your messages aren’t falling on deaf ears or the wrong ears. This is essential for any online communication, especially on the business aspect. As Hypebot says, Google analytics can be really helpful to figure out who to target. This tool will work great for musicians who want to reach out to those who listen to their particular musical style.

– Once you found out who your audience is, figure out what they like to see in their news feed. Is it music videos? Tour dates? Perhaps merchandise giveaways? Figure out what they prefer and you’ll have an advantage.

-Hashtags are always important when constructing social media posts. If you’re having a concert in a particular area, you may want to consider using local hashtags like #NewYork or #StPete. If using Snapchat, their Geofilter feature is always a fun way to show local pride.

– All that being said, be sure to stick true to the brand you’ve created. Be sure to have consistent logos, voice, and marketing.

– Be sure to answer your fans and feedback, both positive and negative.

As you can see, the above rules can be adapted to any type of business, but for musicians, it is particularly helpful to stick to these rules and strive for social media consistency and effectively.

For more info, check out Hypebot’s article here: http://ow.ly/W8z4300pxZl

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