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Marketers: Here is Why You Shouldn’t Rely on AI

Marketers: Here is Why You Shouldn’t Rely on AI

Ahh, AI, the technology that social media blew up as the ultimate way for marketers and freelancers to create content fast and easily. Over recent years, many marketers have sworn by the idea of AI being a staple tool in marketing, but the truth may actually be something different.

Now that AI content comes in so many forms, it is beginning to cause issues (who saw that coming?).

These issues include the massive spread of fake news, a growing lack of uniqueness in brand advertising, and plagiarism. Hootsuite also conducted a recent study, the findings of which showed that 62% of consumers are less likely to engage with content if they know it was created by AI.

Anyone familiar with AI knows that the content it generates all ends up *kind of* sounding the same. On top of that, most of the information that AI uses to generate copy is taken from other websites on the internet, meaning you are essentially using someone else’s words as your own.

With all of this in mind, many social companies, such as Microsoft and TikTok, are implementing features to identify AI-generated content to encourage more transparency to their users.

They are doing this by tracking the image data of the graphics posted and adding a C2PA tag to these photos. This identifier is just the start of labeling AI-generated content on social media.

Soon, it won’t just be graphics that are tagged, but also copy and, eventually, videos. While some people may feel this isn’t necessary, this is actually great news for marketers!

These new policies make it more difficult for companies to use AI-generated content instead of hiring real creatives. It looks like the fear of copywriters being replaced with AI may have been unfounded.

This also means marketers can’t use AI to generate content, but they shouldn’t be doing that, anyway. It’s not necessarily a good look when your clients realize that the content isn’t written by you but by a computer.

What would be the point of hiring you in the first place, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, AI is beneficial in its own way, and if you do want to leverage it as a marketer, here are some ways you can without sacrificing your creativity in the process:

  • Use it to generate inspiration when you find writer’s block.
  • Ask it questions when it comes to successful content creation.
  • Let it help you outline your long-form content for more efficiency.

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