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How To Spotlight Your Employees On Social Media

How To Spotlight Your Employees On Social Media

Brands on social media are always going to be seen as just that—brands. As compelling as your content may be, your audience is still keenly aware that your account doesn’t represent an individual, but a business. Of course, that makes it harder to form a real connection with the people in your audience.

A great way to bridge that gap is by giving a face to your business. After all, any business is made up of people! That’s why today we’re talking about social media posts that spotlight employees at your business.

This subtle promotional content curation strategy reflects your whole company in a good light by showing your followers and fans that you care about your teammates. This type of content will have the following benefits for your company:

  • Showcasing employees will give a friendly face to your company.
  • You are able to establish your company and your staff as well-equipped and professional.
  • You will be able to inadvertently advertise your brand by explaining the employee’s work and process.
  • You will make your employees happy by giving them some extra attention and well-deserved praise.

Of course, there are some caveats. Firstly, not every employee may want to be spotlighted on social media. In those cases, the only choice is to respect their wishes and pivot the post to feature someone else.

Secondly, while you can show your employee appreciation regularly, be mindful of just how often you post about your employees. Sure, these posts serve several worthy purposes, but be careful not to lose your core message in the process.

One of the biggest upsides to this strategy is that for most businesses, it’s easy. All you need is an interview and some pictures, but such a post will conjure a lot of attention. You could start with a bit of history about the employee either personally or professionally. Then, they could explain their work at your company. 

Everything should stay in a positive light and they can express how working for your business has improved their lives. If the employee deals first hand with your customers, you will be providing a new and unique connection for those who work with them directly.

Showcasing individuals is a great way to make customers, employees, and followers feel special. While these posts will take some extra time, they will definitely prove rewarding for all involved.


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