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What Can Twitter Engage Do For Your Social Media?

What Can Twitter Engage Do For Your Social Media?

Twitter really wants you to succeed. They had previously announced updates to the website’s infrastructure that will give more leeway for a tweet’s character count as well as allowing more options when retweeting. Now, they are offering us a brand new tool exclusive to American iOS devices. Engage, a companion app, will deliver helpful analytics to a marketer’s fingertips.

This new software allows Twitter users to study their tweets in real time through comprehensive data. Engage covers a wide range of area pertaining to the social media giant’s functionality and reachability. This will help marketers succeed and understand new insights.

Engage also notifies you of trends and important conversations happening on the internet as they happen. Now, you will never miss a trending hashtag or news story that could attract a slew of followers to your page. This brings a whole new meaning to “in the moment”!

Have you ever wondered who your content attracts? Engage allows you to study the demographics and activities of those who read your tweets. Are these the people you want to reach out to? If so, great job! If not, it may be time to tweak your writing and when you are ready to try again, Engage will be by your side.

Like Hootsuite and other third party analytic programs, Engage provides insights into your account’s performance. You can even compare post-by-post to see if your pictures, videos, GIFs, or text-based tweets do the best.

Why would Twitter create Engage? After all, it’s a free service and there is no profit to be made. They made it because those who run this social media platform appreciate that businesses all over the world use their website to market. Twitter has become a necessity in the business world, despite not having nearly the amount of tools Facebook offers. Now, Engage ushers in a new level of intuitive tools by Twitter itself, as opposed to third party applications. Twitter is proudly proclaiming that they want to help your business succeed.
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