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5 Steps To Becoming A Twitter Marketing Master

5 Steps To Becoming A Twitter Marketing Master

Twitter has always been about RIGHT NOW. When businesses have press releases, we see journalists tweet every time there’s something noteworthy happening. If a celebrity does something stupid, it’s all over the Twitter-verse in a matter of moments. Even if there’s a new movie trailer, news spreads like wildfire. Twitter has truly become a HUB for online news.

Those in charge of the social media giant understand that they manage the go-to spot for what’s happening right now. They’ve taken advantage of this with their recent smartphone feature, Explore. It’s the ultimate “trending hub.” What are people excited about? What are people complaining about? What are people ready to riot over? You can find all that in the Explore tab.

With more people using Twitter every day, social media marketers can now use the Explore tool to learn which content will raise their engagement levels. But finding out WHAT to write about is only half the battle. You need to harness trending topics and craft compelling content for your company. Here are some of the most efficient steps to becoming a Twitter pro:

1. Stay away from opinions. With the new Explore tab, you’ll be sure to see tons of political and controversial topics. Stop right there and step away. You’re a business, not a political commentator. Steer clear of controversial subjects and mentioning hot button issues that will cause an angry mob to attack your brand online.

2. Watch what you retweet. Thanks to Explore, you’re now going to see lots of interesting topics. But they’re not all relevant to your message- or in line with your code of ethics. Sharing something on your Twitter feed means you’re letting that content speak for you. Make sure you agree with it, and it actually makes sense for your brand to talk about. This is the time for common sense. Finally, before retweeting you should click any links to make sure they aren’t promoting a competitor.

3. Proofread. Sure, you need to move fast on the internet, but that doesn’t mean you should have sloppy spelling and grammar. Also, ensure your hashtags are correct. Otherwise, they will link to nothing.

4. Don’t hijack hashtags. Have you ever looked up a hashtag only to be greeted by a plethora of irrelevant content? It happens more than you might think. Don’t be one of those annoying Twitter accounts. If you use a hashtag, make sure it relates to your content. For example, you might find through Explore that the Super Bowl is trending. Well, you don’t want to use #SuperBowl and promote something completely unrelated like a conference. Instead, craft your content around trends, so it’s still appropriately utilized. The best way to do this is to reflect trends’ impact on your industry or line of work.

5. Don’t be headstrong. If your strategy isn’t working after some time, then you might want to go back to the drawing board. Don’t keep hammering your audience with unwanted content. Try to add diversity by adding polls, videos, and unique content.As Explore helps us find the best content to use, these five rules will help keep any social media manager at the top of their game.

At The Go! Agency, we follow these rules and many, many more to ensure our clients’ social media accounts are in the limelight and looking right!

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