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3 Tips for More Effective Influencer Marketing

3 Tips for More Effective Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is every marketer’s secret weapon. I’d like to help you wield it with these 3 effective tips for making the most of your influencer marketing strategy! 

  1. Align with the Right Influencers 

It does not matter if an influencer has millions of followers if those followers don’t match your ideal target persona. A kitchen utensil brand isn’t going to gain many sales if they hire Steph Curry as a collab partner (duh). 

Pay attention to who your brand is and what kinds of influencers match your interests, personality, and follower demographics. They should essentially have a similar target audience as you! 

  1. Research, Reach Out, & Repeat

You may hear many no’s when you reach out to potential collab partners. Don’t give up! Most influencers and content creators are always looking to partner with a new brand. 

The best tip for reaching out is this: make it personal. Customize each message you send out to appeal to their needs, wants, and style! And then repeat! 

  1. Track Your Metrics 

How else will you know what is working and what isn’t? Once you have a few collabs going, start tracking link clicks, website taps, engagement on their content (as it relates to your brand), leads, and sales! 

The Bottom Line

Make sure you’re partnering with influencers who match your brand’s goals, values, and target audience. Otherwise, your efforts are wasted, my friend. 

Also, be diligent and patient as you research and reach out to potential partners! And once you’ve started working with one or two, track the performance! Get to know what doesn’t work and adjust for the next campaign!

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