17 March 2020






Xenegrade strives to provide the best possible data management, business intelligence tools, and reliable support for educational institutions in a cost-efficient manner without long term commitments.

Xenegrade continues to build and meet customer needs with XenDirect, a product built entirely using programmers and support personnel in the United States and does not use overseas personnel. Although they maintain memberships with various trade associations, they do not have direct or partnership ties to trade associations. This independence prevents any real or perceived conflicts of interest and helps focus customer support on the first and foremost import goal, the end user’s needs.

The Client Wanted…

Our client deals with the high-paced world of education (with a focus on continuing education), and they wanted to see how social media could help them in terms of exposure and branding.  Knowing that many members of their target market uses social media on a regular basis, they wanted to get in front of them and engage them in their brand.

The Go! Agency Delivered…

We achieved the branding, visibility, and connectivity that our client needed using a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Here are the outcomes of our custom social media marketing campaign:

  • 60+ pieces of original content per month across all platforms
  • Brand consistency from unified visual identity across all platforms
  • Increased booth attendance from promotion and marketing before/during/after occasion
  • Drastic increase of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter search rankings
  • 3,500% Facebook network growth
  • 4,500% Twitter network growth
  • 2,500+ LinkedIn connections
  • 486,400+ LinkedIn professionals exposed to client networking in Groups