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Go!TV Episode 13

GOTV Episode 13 (1)

Thanks for stopping by for another Go!TV episode recap! We’ve got some major social media news for you this week!

How to Effectively Spy on Competitors

Nobody likes to admit that their competitors can teach them something, but it isn’t a bad thing. Spying on competition lets you learn from their successes as much as their failures, so think of it as doing your due diligence. To see how you can be keeping tabs on your competitors, check out this blog post!

The Go! Agency

The Comprehensive Social Media Checklist

As a social media manager, you’ll quickly find that there’s a lot on your plate. Between posting content, engaging followers, growing your brand, and a thousand other tasks, it’s simply too much to keep in your head. That’s why we created a checklist that you can use every week to make sure that your essential tasks were completed. Check out our blog for the free PDF!

The Go! Agency

There’s the end of this week’s Go!TV episode recap! Whatever you do, it’s important to be methodical. Doing something once won’t make you successful, but creating a routine just might! If you would like more guidance on how to optimize your social media marketing results, you can enjoy our blog or podcast!

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Go!TV Episode 12

GOTV Episode 12

Welcome to this week’s Go!TV episode recap! Who’s ready for the biggest breaking news from all across social media?

How to Make Gripping Content
Everyone wants to make content that pulls in readers, but not everyone knows how. Technical aspects like marketing strategy and adhering to buyer personas are important, but they can’t replace authenticity. Do you believe what you’re writing? Do you think it’s valuable for your audience? If you don’t, your readers will see right through it and the content won’t be able to help your business!

Express Writers

How to Create a Buyer Persona
At its core, there are six steps to making a realistic, useful buyer persona: Undergo user research, collect your findings, brainstorm ideas, refine them, make them applicable to a real human, and apply your persona to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. With an effective buyer persona, you can relate to your audience in an authentic way. Use the resource below for a more detailed step-by-step guide!

Social Media Today

That’s the end of our recap! The takeaway: If you want to reach your customers, you need to speak to them like real people. Keep this in mind as you create content and buyer personas, and you should have a good leg to stand on! For more social media marketing advice, check out our blog and podcast!

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Go!TV Episode 11

GOTV Episode 11

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Go!TV episode recap! We’ve got your source for social media news and trends that you need to know!

The Essential Guide to Content Curation
If you’re not reading content relevant to your industry, you run the risk of missing out on important conversations. You don’t want your customers to get their information from your competitors! This Go! blog covers:

  • Finding shareable content
  • Creating a content mix
  • Recycling successful content

And a lot more! If you’ve got a few minutes and want to have a successful social media marketing strategy, the blog is definitely worth a read.

The Go! Agency

The Essential Guide to Social Media Metrics
You might think that metrics are reserved for experienced, high-level marketers, but they’re important for social media marketing at every level! If you’re not tracking the relevant metrics for your campaign, there’s no way to know whether or not you succeeded. By extension, there’s no way to figure out what to change. This blog is a useful tool to make sure you’re making real progress on social media and not just spinning your wheels!

The Go! Agency

So ends another Go!TV episode recap. It’s tempting to set up a social media campaign and forget about it, but you need to reinvest in your strategy if you want it to succeed. How can you do that? By keeping up with reliable social media news sources, like our blog and our podcast!

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The Essential Guide to Social Media Metrics

The Essential Guide to Social Media Metrics

If you’re new to tracking the success of a social media campaign, all of the jargon can get confusing. Still, it’s important to look at these metrics to determine how you can adjust and optimize your strategy.

I’m going to walk you through the metrics that will be worth watching for you and your campaign. Of course, all of that begins with establishing a goal!

Choosing a Goal
It’s impossible to say, “Always track these metrics,” because the key performance indicators (the metrics that are relevant to your campaign, also known as KPI) will change depending on your goal. The first step in identifying your goal is to look at what you need.

Let’s say you want to see some additional revenue from your social media marketing strategy. You’re looking to increase sales, so you should focus on the metrics:

  • Conversions: When customers take a specific action as determined by your campaign. This can be downloading an ebook, signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, etc. For a sales goal, tracking the number of people who click on your ad and make a purchase is absolutely vital!
  • Clicks: Exactly what they sound like! The number of clicks you get on ads and posts can increase your web traffic, which means more people are browsing your site and considering making purchases.

Measuring these KPIs lets you see how to improve the number of sales that your strategy generates. If you find that your posts/ads aren’t being clicked on, then you know it’s time to change things up and restructure your posts to be more inviting to your audience.

Or maybe you’re a new business. You’ve got a good product and a great team, but not many people know about you yet. For your campaign, I’d suggest tracking:

  • Reach: The number of people who see your post or ad. Focusing on reach will get the word out about your business and help build your follower count.
  • Brand Awareness: How aware the public is of your business. Can they recognize your name and logo? Brand awareness is key to developing a following for your growing business!

It can take a long time, but nobody can buy from you if they don’t know who you are! A bigger audience will also make you more credible. If a potential customer is weighing between your product and a competitor’s, the side that has a larger following will seem more trustworthy.

What about once you’ve got a large audience? Well, then it’s time to focus on quality. What good are 10,000 page likes if nobody is interacting with your posts? As you work on getting more interaction, you’ll be following this KPI:

  • Engagement: The number of likes/comments/shares/interactions your posts generate. A horde of followers is great to have, but a smaller audience of people who are interacting with your content and your brand is usually going to be more important.

When evaluating the quality of your audience, engagement should be a major factor. Not only does the increased interaction on your posts make your brand look better, but it shows that users are getting value from your content marketing strategy. That’s a great sign, and when you’re noticing low engagement, it may be time to reexamine how you’re appealing to your audience!

Choose Wisely
Everyone wants to have a better social media marketing strategy, but not everyone wants to put the work into finding ways to improve. You need to find the right KPIs that align with your goals and keep a close eye on them. Once you’ve identified the trends across your chosen metric, you’ll be ready to make an actionable plan to craft an even better campaign!

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Go!TV Episode 10

GOTV Episode 10 (3)

Welcome back to another Go!TV episode recap! We’re bringing you the information you need to have a successful social media campaign!

Social Media Management Tools
Managing your business’ social media is going to be all but impossible without some extra help. Between graphic design, writing content, and scheduling your final posts, it’s just too much for one person to handle!

That’s why we’re sharing the social media management tools that you absolutely need to use. We look at scheduling softwares to let you plan an effective content posting strategy, design tools to make sure your visuals are drawing in your audience, and writing tools so you’re not wasting hours trying to come up with new ideas for content!

The Go! Agency

And that is the end of another Go!TV episode recap! As a marketer, you need to use your time as efficiently as possible! Take the initiative and check out our podcast and blog for even more useful social media guidance!

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GoTV Episode 8

GoTV Episode 8

Welcome to this week’s episode recap of Go!TV! We hope you’re ready for the breaking social media updates that are changing the industry!


Free Programs to Monitor Your Competitors’ Social Media
Learning from your own mistakes is great, but learning from your competitors’ failings is even better. These five programs are completely free to you and let you monitor the social media ventures of your chosen business. By using these programs, you’ll be able to see what does and doesn’t work for the competition, which will enable you to adjust your own marketing strategy accordingly, all without paying a dime!

Business 2 Community


Google Analytics Offers Valuable Traffic Tracking
Measuring your brand’s social media traffic is essential to improving your ROI. How else will you know which ads are working or what content your audience responds to? Google Analytics lets you easily do both of these, and you can use that information to optimize your social media marketing strategy!

Social Media Examiner

That’s it for this week’s Go!TV recap! More data is always your friend in the world of social media marketing, so make sure you’re staying in the know. For more information like this, go to our podcast and blog!

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GoTV Episode 7

102618 GoTV Episode 7

Thanks for stopping by Go!TV! Ready to get caught up on this week’s biggest news across social media? Let’s get started!


New Facebook Image Sizes Promise New Problems
You carefully curated the perfect image for your article but, oops, sorry, the image is going to look pretty strange once your content is shared on Facebook. Facebook’s new test is resizing preview images, specifically making them appear smaller. It’s a pain for marketers, but experts have speculated that this may make it easier to integrate Facebook and Instagram feeds in the future. For now, all marketers can do is see how Facebook’s audience responds to the test.

Social Media Today

Facebook Groups Offer New Engagement Opportunities
Last week, we reported that Facebook is letting businesses create and join groups. But how does that actually help you as a marketer? Well, it gives you another avenue for engaging your customers. Groups can be great places to start conversations and run marketing tests. Additionally, groups allow your brand to develop a community centered around your business. When someone feels a personal attachment to your business, they’re going to be a lifelong customer.

Social Media Today

And that concludes this week’s recap of Go!TV. Big changes are happening around Facebook, so stay in the know and come back next week! If you enjoyed this episode, check out our podcast and blog for even more social media marketing news!

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GoTV Episode 6

Go TV Episode 6

Welcome back to Go!TV! We’re glad to have you as we take a look at this week’s breaking news in social media. Here’s the marketing news that you need to know!


Expect Facebook Stories Ads Soon
After months of preliminary testing, Facebook is now encouraging its Marketing Partners to prepare for Stories Ads. In the coming months, Facebook Stories are expected to become the place to be for digital marketers. While Stories are only viewed by 150 million people, a comparatively small portion of the Facebook audience, experts anticipate that Stories Ads will be hyper effective since users won’t already feel inundated with ads through the new medium.

Marketing Land

Facebook Pages Can Join Groups to Build Engagement
Most marketers are still less-than-pleased with Facebook since their recent algorithm shifts have made it harder for brands to engage with their audiences. That sentiment may shift a bit now that Facebook pages will be able to join groups to directly engage with potential customers. Ideally, this development will let advertisers recoup some losses by interacting with their target demographics and generating more conversions.

Social Media Today


Third Parties Gain New Access to Pinterest’s API
In a boon to advertisers everywhere, Pinterest has announced that it will make its API available to third-party platforms. This means that brands advertising on Pinterest will be able to track important metrics like views, impressions, and click-through rates. Because engagement is already so high on the site, marketers in relevant industries should seriously consider the advantages of expanding campaigns to include this DIY giant.

Marketing Dive

That’s it for this week’s episode of Go!TV! Thanks so much for joining us, and if you liked this episode, come visit our podcast and blog for even more social media news and know-how!

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GoTV Episode 5

On Episode 5 of GoTV Christopher Tompkins, The Go! Agency's CEO, talks about Instagram's hidden hashtags, Facebook's smart device, and Twitter ads.

Thanks for stopping by Go!TV! As always, we’re thrilled to be your source for the latest news in the world of social media advertising. Let’s see what’s happening this week!


Instagram Tests a New Feature Allowing Hidden Hashtags
Don’t you hate the look of 30 hashtags clogging up the space after a well-thought-out Instagram post? Well, that may be a struggle of the past. Instagram is tinkering with a new option that would allow you to add hashtags in a separate, hidden space that would preserve the aesthetic integrity of your original post. It’s worth noting that this feature may not be implemented, but it’s a promising sign that Instagram is looking into less obstructive ways for users to hashtag their posts.

Jane Manchun Wong
Social Media Today


Facebook May Launch its Smart Home Device Next Week
Rumors are circulating that Facebook is about to launch its new smart speaker, “Portal,” next week. Cheddar reported that Portal will be functionally similar to Amazon’s Echo Show and, most interestingly, Facebook’s new smart home device will be able to interface with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. If true, this would hint at a possible exchange between the two giants wherein Portal has access to Amazon and Amazon devices may be Facebook-connectable.

While these are undeniably exciting prospects, brand trust for Facebook is notably low amid allegations of user data misuse. For this reason, it’s expected that Facebook’s face-recognizing camera will have a feature that allows users to cover the wide-angle lens when their Portal isn’t in use.

Social Media Today


Twitter Test Expands Ads to Include Timelines on Third-Party Sites
Twitter may finally expand its advertising options! Their new test allows advertisers to include their promoted content within timelines embedded on third-party websites. While it’s not expected to be a game-changer in the world of Twitter advertisements, this expansion would offer creative businesses another opportunity to get their content in front of the right audience.

Marketing Land
Social Media Today

And that wraps up this week’s Go!TV episode! We can’t wait to see you next week! If you enjoyed this episode, you’re going to get a lot out of our podcast and our blog!

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GoTV Episode 4

928918 GoTV Episode 4

Welcome back to GoTV! We’re dedicated to bringing you the most important social media news. Let’s go! 

Note: Sources are linked in the descriptions.


Instagram Adds New Shopping Options to Boost Revenue Potential
Instagram first launched its Shopping Tags in Stories to a limited group of business profiles back in June. These tags will now be available in 46 countries, a significant expansion of the option. As the popularity of Instagram Stories continues to rise, the expansion of Shopping Tags at this stage makes a lot of sense. Additionally, this feature could help to form habitual behaviors.

Social Media Today


Snapchat Launches New Program Enabling Publishers to Source UGC
Snap has announced that it will debut Curated Our Stories, a new feature that is an extension of the platform’s Our Stories feature. Curated Our Stories will allow publishers to gather user-generated content (UGC) and combine different UGC into stories involving live events, breaking news, etc. Publishers will then be able to share these stories in Snapchat Discover, or embed them on the publisher’s site or app. This feature will include ads, with the revenue split between Snap and the story’s publisher (no revenue will be diverted to the content creators). Besides benefiting from the inherent connection between UGC and user engagement, Curated Our Stories will not include any fees for publishers.



Twitter Will Soon Allow Users to Switch over to a Reverse Chronological Timeline
Hooray! Twitter just announced that it will soon enable users to return to the reverse chronological timeline. On the platform’s official support handle, Twitter stated

Our goal with the timeline is to balance showing you the most recent Tweets with the best Tweets you’re likely to care about, but we don’t always get this balance right. So we’re working on providing you with an easily accessible way to switch between a timeline of Tweets that are most relevant for you and a timeline of the latest Tweets.

This move has been praised by hordes of users–and generated some great PR for the social media giant. The potential effect on user engagement is not yet clear, however.

Social Media Today
Twitter Thread

That’s it for this week’s episode of GoTV! Don’t forget to check out our next episode! If you enjoyed GoTV, you’ll love our podcast and our blog!

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