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The 20 Most Important Social Media Marketing Terms


Like every industry, social media has exclusive terms. Unlike every industry, however, those not in involved should know them as well. That’s one of the things that makes social media different – it’s for everyone. For you to promote your business the right way on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other platforms, you should know the following terms. Get ready to spice up your vocabulary!

Avatar – Also known as a profile picture, avatars are the main images that represent you. Make sure it’s a good one and consistent from profile to profile.

Bio – A short, but detailed description about yourself or your company. No social media profile is complete without one!

Blog – Short for “web log”, a blog is where a company posts longer articles centered around their industry (like this). These are vital to any business’s website to look professional and knowledgeable about the field they work in.

Clickbait – A slang term for an eye-catching, but possibly misleading title. For example, “You won’t believe how this man lost 50 pounds!”

Direct Message – A private message to or from a Twitter profile. The Twitter equivalent of an email. Every platform has their version of direct messaging. Facebook’s is simply called Messages and has its own smartphone app.

Engagement – This is the ultimate goal of social media. Engagement is people interacting with your brand and its content. Comments, shares, likes, etc.

Facebook Live – Facebook’s live video streaming service. It’s already integrated into the website and app.

GIF – A looping animated picture that is typically soundless. You will find these on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr the most.

Handle – @TheGoAgency is our company’s handle. It’s our username, but also how you can tag someone in a post on several platforms. A handle isn’t complete without the “@.”

Impression – A unit of measurement for social media advertising that analyses an ads’ reflectivity.

LinkedIn Groups – Groups are communities on LinkedIn where like-minded professionals can connect and share their work.

Meme – A popular running joke on the internet using familiar visuals. You will often see these with captions that incorporate the pre-existing joke into someone’s own message.

Native content – Original content that you upload directly to the platform.

Periscope – Twitter’s live video broadcasting app.

Pins – Pinterest’s signature feature. It’s their version of updates. However, you can also “pin” content to relevant boards.

Retweets – Twitter’s sharing feature. You can share someone else’s post onto your Twitter feed.

Stories – Snapchat and Instagram both have this feature, which allows you to view the recent posts from your friends or followers.

Tag – A way to incorporate someone into a post. You can do this on a majority of platforms.

User-generated content – Content that your followers, fans, and friends can share that involves your brand. Whether the content is reviews, posts, check-ins, etc., it’s still all about your brand!

Viral – Viral, or “going viral” is a term which means a piece of content reached extremely high engagement.

As you can see, social media is a very different world. That’s why a dedicated social media marketing team is so valuable. We know the ins and outs of this industry and can make your business shine.

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