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GoTV Episode 4

928918 GoTV Episode 4

Welcome back to GoTV! We’re dedicated to bringing you the most important social media news. Let’s go! 

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Instagram Adds New Shopping Options to Boost Revenue Potential
Instagram first launched its Shopping Tags in Stories to a limited group of business profiles back in June. These tags will now be available in 46 countries, a significant expansion of the option. As the popularity of Instagram Stories continues to rise, the expansion of Shopping Tags at this stage makes a lot of sense. Additionally, this feature could help to form habitual behaviors.

Social Media Today


Snapchat Launches New Program Enabling Publishers to Source UGC
Snap has announced that it will debut Curated Our Stories, a new feature that is an extension of the platform’s Our Stories feature. Curated Our Stories will allow publishers to gather user-generated content (UGC) and combine different UGC into stories involving live events, breaking news, etc. Publishers will then be able to share these stories in Snapchat Discover, or embed them on the publisher’s site or app. This feature will include ads, with the revenue split between Snap and the story’s publisher (no revenue will be diverted to the content creators). Besides benefiting from the inherent connection between UGC and user engagement, Curated Our Stories will not include any fees for publishers.



Twitter Will Soon Allow Users to Switch over to a Reverse Chronological Timeline
Hooray! Twitter just announced that it will soon enable users to return to the reverse chronological timeline. On the platform’s official support handle, Twitter stated

Our goal with the timeline is to balance showing you the most recent Tweets with the best Tweets you’re likely to care about, but we don’t always get this balance right. So we’re working on providing you with an easily accessible way to switch between a timeline of Tweets that are most relevant for you and a timeline of the latest Tweets.

This move has been praised by hordes of users–and generated some great PR for the social media giant. The potential effect on user engagement is not yet clear, however.

Social Media Today
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How Customers Can Do The Marketing For You Via User Generated Content

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You go into your favorite pizza shop and on the counter next to the cash register is a small sign that says “Like us on Facebook!” At your eye doctor, right next to display of business cards, there’s a laminated flyer that says “Give us a good rating on Facebook!” Even at your child’s school, they’re doing a fundraiser and encouraging parents to share the info on social media.

Yes, social media has indeed integrated itself into nearly every aspect of our lives. But have you noticed something in the above examples? All of these organizations are asking customers / patients / patrons, to interact with their social media channels.

When your customers engage with your brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the other platforms, they are solidifying its identity and legitimacy as credible company. The beauty of social media marketing is that when you have an engaging online presence, your customers essentially do the work for you by tagging your accounts, commenting, rating, and much more.

This is the “social” part of social media — your customers are sharing their story and perception of your brand. We call this User Generated Content (UGC).

Why is UGC so important? It allows customers to share their story and build a relationship with your business. By creating this content, they’re participating in one of the most responsive and innovative forms of customer service ever conceived. The best part of this is that your customer’s friends will see their review, like, or comment and as a result, your brand’s visibility will increase. The term “word-of-mouth” just received an upgrade, and it’s amazing for business.

So, you may be wondering, how do I get my followers talking? This is a valid question. After all, it doesn’t benefit your company to have, say, 5,000 followers if none of them are engaging with your brand. Here are just a few tips that could help you get people talking online and increase UGC.

1. Host a contest requiring participants to comment, follow, or leave a review.

2. Directly ask customers to engage with your company on social media (as the pizza shop, eye doctor, and school did.)

3. Share polls with your followers.

4. Offer social-media-exclusive discounts on social media.

5. Start asking your customers questions. The pizza shop could ask “What topping combo should be Flavor of the Month?”

6. Create content that your customer will find useful and that they will want to share, such as blogs and podcasts.

These are just a few ways to increase UGC. However, one thing that is important to keep in mind is that all this is meant to start a conversation. You need to respond, thank them for their comment, and encourage them to continue this customer-brand relationship.

At The Go! Agency, we take pride in generating UGC for our clients through our content and target advertising. If your brand isn’t getting any love online, contact us! We can get the ball rolling for you! 

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