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5 Ways Twitter’s Character Count Upgrade Is Great For Marketers

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Right now, the biggest news in the world of social media marketing is that Twitter changed its character count limit from 140 to 280. At one point in time, tweets were only as long as this one sentence (not including media), which is pretty tiny from a marketing standpoint. Now, it is double that. Seems like a small change for those who haven’t tried to cram an intricate thought into this microblogging format before, but for copywriters, this may be one of the best updates in history.

How can marketers benefit from this? Let us count the ways!

1. Let me finish my thought.

Let’s face it – sometimes 140 characters just wasn’t enough. You can now share a better-composed message with your Twitter follows, just like you can with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

2. Improved visibility.

I wouldn’t recommend using these extra characters to flood your tweet with excess hashtags, but by carefully using this prime real estate for optimized copy, complete with trending and relevant keywords, more people can find your content.

3. A new flock.

One of the biggest cons of Twitter was the 140 character gap. However now that that is gone, experts predict a significant spike in Twitter users.

4. You can still be short and sweet.

Some people are a bit concerned that Twitter will be flooded with longwinded rants. First off, the 140 limit never stopped rants, it merely forced writers to break it up into chunks, turning news feeds into confusing landscapes of half-written stories. Now, these rants can be contained into one tweet. However, you may still want to keep it short and sweet, and you should go for it! In fact, if you publish a melody of tweet sizes, it will draw new readers since it changes pace and rhythm.

5. Advertising, ahoy!

For a long time, Facebook had the advantage of being the better advertiser simply due to space. Now with 280 characters, you can send out a powerful message and promote it through paid advertisements.

It’s easy to see why the 280 character limit is actually a very good thing. Marketers will now be able to comfortably tell their brand’s story without getting hung up on one or two characters over the limit. Get started tweeting today!

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What The Presidential Election Can Teach Us About Social Media


You may not have noticed if you’ve been in outer space for the past two years, but it’s time for the Presidential Election again. Everyone knows who the two major candidates are and what they stand for. By the time November hits, most of us will be able to recite the many commercials by heart.

Social media has had a substantial role in spreading Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s thoughts and opinions. It also allows everyone else to state their own thoughts about issues and who they want to vote for. Where does this put a business amongst all the debates and promotions? For one thing, this whole thing can be used as a learning experience. Here are the top lessons to take away from the Presidential Election that you can use for your own social media marketing:

Negativity spreads. Unfortunately, we have seen controversial tweets, posts, and other forms of marketing and due to the reachability social media grants us, it’s not easily forgotten. That being said, if something negative is said about your business online, social media becomes a tool for you to be able to contain the situation and address the problem in a professional manner. 

Positivity spreads. Yes, even if though negative messages can spread quickly, so can well-crafted, beneficial content. Your followers are both your audience and siphon, they have the ability to amplify your reach by sharing, retweeting, and commenting. 

Advertising works. What would an election be without ads? What would  a business be? Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest offers advertising opportunities for your brand’s message to spread all over the world, or just around the block.

News and social media are symbiotic. Current events and social media seem to be in a give-take relationship. While social media is supposed to reflect the real world, the opposite can happen and a good or bad Tweet could raise headlines. Be sure to be knowledgeable of trends on social media and how you can use them.


The most important thing to take out of this is that everyone is watching. Be sure to choose your words carefully, but you do need to speak, or your lack of internet presence will make you look obsolete.

What marketing tactics have you learned from this election? Share with us below!

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4 Ways to Get Your Updates Visible (And Fast!)


Social media marketing is all about promoting yourself in a new, intuitive way and reaching out to your customer base in places they check every day. The only thing is, there are millions of people posting alongside you. At this point, news feeds tend to look like Wall Street with everyone screaming at the top of their lungs for the sake of their company. It can be overwhelming for the consumers, let alone the marketers. Because of this, advertising has a whole new level of challenges. A plethora of content is out there that floods everyone’s news feeds. How can you make your content stand above the rest?

Social media provides us with helpful options so that your important posts can be noticed amongst the swarming masses. Here are some of the most effective tools businesses can take advantage of:

Boosting Posts- Our beloved Facebook has some complex algorithms inside its machinery. At times, it can really impede social media marketers’ attempts at spreading the word. However, they do provide a way out and with no surprise, it is not free. By boosting a post, you are rapidly increasing your content’s visibility and also allowing for more engagement. It bypasses certain unspoken laws Facebook has into play inside its coding that would otherwise impede a perfect post’s promotional power.

Pinned Posts- Let’s say you have a big event coming up, or you really want to push a certain product, or something is time sensitive. The big social media platforms allow you to pin a post so that it is at the top of your page for all to see. This will be the first thing a follower sees. Instead of continuously posting about a subject, pinning a post will make it the star of your profile. This social media tactic will also allow you to give some extra publicity to posts that have done particularly well. It can be really great for content that is already catching a lot of attention. Pinning posts is free, so you will be able to pin away without consulting your budget!

Advertising- Each one of these platforms have offer the opportunity for self-promotion. Facebook’s advertising allows you to push your branding through advertisements via users’ experience. Twitter offers a “promoted posts” feature so your tweets will pop up on users’ feeds even if they don’t follow you (yet!). Even Pinterest has “Rich Pins” in which you will be able to reap the benefits of being on many new boards.

Verification- For Facebook, a fantastic way to bring attention to yourself is to verify your page. It is a process, that is for sure, but by having that blue check mark near your name, you will be able to have access to special features such as branded content. This will allow profiles to have a post with both a company and a personal profile attached.

All of these are very effective routes you can take to reach social media stardom. Yes, many have price tags, but this is exactly what these websites want. They want business professionals to invest in their advertising, and they will be sure to reward those who do with a whole new pathway of publicity.
Which of these methods have worked great for you? Comment below!  

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