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6 Tools You Need for Your Podcast

6 Tools You Need for Your Podcast

It’s one thing to decide that a podcast is right for your brand, but it’s another to actually start recording. I’ve already covered why you need a podcast. Now I want to get you creating relevant, well-produced content!

Let’s review the six tools you’ll need to create a successful podcast!

1. Sound Proofing
I don’t care if your office is a library staffed exclusively with church mice—as soon as you start recording, there is going to be an obnoxious noise, I promise you. Since you can’t prevent it, the next best thing is going to be canceling it out while you’re recording.

Establishing a sound-proofed space to record is crucial. Even mild noises like chatter is going to worsen your audio quality and lower your production value. If you want a clean, professional-sounding podcast, the only thing your listeners should be hearing is whoever’s speaking into the mic! Which reminds me…

2. A Good Microphone
No, your laptop’s microphone isn’t good enough and yes, that’s still true even if you have your brand’s latest model. You need a device dedicated to recording clear audio, plain and simple. Anything else is going to let you down and give you scratchy, rough recordings.

If you don’t want to break the bank, go for something without all the extra bells and whistles. All you need is clear audio, so don’t feel pressured to buy the most expensive mic when you’re just starting out.

3. A Pop Filter
Even with a great mic, you’re going to notice in post that your b’s and p’s sound uncomfortably loud. A pop filter will remove any concern about that, and they’re pretty cheap, too! It might sound like an unnecessary expense, but I promise you, you’ll feel differently when you’re listening to your podcast and realize how awkward your b’s and p’s sound.

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4. Headphones
You’ll need a pair of quality headphones (not ear buds) to make sure you can hear yourself. This is doubly important if you’ll be video chatting with guests—nobody wants to listen to a podcast host shouting “WHAT” at their guest every few minutes.

Don’t go crazy with it, but treat purchasing a set of headphones like investing in your business. Expensive isn’t always better, but going as cheap as possible is usually a bad call.

5. Audio Software
You can be a master public speaker with the best equipment in the world—you’ll still need to edit your audio. This could be cutting out awkward stumbles or just mastering the audio when the sound quality is a little off. Regardless, invest in a quality product with a lot of positive reviews, because your podcast can only be as good as your editing!

6. Design Software
You probably didn’t think of this one, but graphic design plays a role in podcasting, too. If you want to post your podcast on iTunes (which you absolutely should), you’ll need a nice logo to draw in potential listeners. If you’re thinking of skipping this one, just ask yourself the last time you listened to a podcast without a logo, then go download a nice graphic design software!

Invest In Your Brand
Podcasts are great ways to develop your brand and reach your audience. I’ve given you all the tools you need to get started, so the only thing left to do is dive in and do the work.

If this all sounds like a little much, don’t be overwhelmed. Set up your free consultation with The Go! Agency and we’ll talk about your podcasting options!

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Why You Should Release a Podcast

Why You Should Release a Podcast

I often talk with people who are surprised when I recommend that they start a podcast to develop their personal brand. And I get why: People think of podcasts as things for celebrities and comedians. But the reality is that creating a podcast is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself.

Like with anything else, though, never just take someone’s word when it comes to handling your brand. Instead, let me explain exactly why creating a podcast is a step that you should be taking immediately.

People Are Listening
Podcast listenership has been growing for years with no signs of stopping, and it isn’t just for younger audiences, either. People at every age are listening to podcasts, which means that no matter who you’re trying to impress, there’s an audience waiting for you.

I’ve found it especially useful in trying to build relationships with colleagues. 70-72% of business owners with 100 to 500 employees are listening to podcasts, according to a study from Bredin. That same study found that 38% of small business owners are listening, which makes podcasting a valuable networking strategy for professionals.

It’s not as if people are only listening to one or two podcasts, either. On average, listeners have five favorite podcasts that they tune into regularly. You’ve got people who are listening and they’re looking for more than one podcast—so why aren’t you releasing one already?

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It’s Not Impossible
The refrain I always hear is that making a podcast is just too hard. You don’t have the skills, the know-how, and you’re not sure what you’d talk about. And sure, it’s not going to be possible if you focus on how hard it’s going to be, but it isn’t that difficult when you start thinking proactively.

Equipment isn’t hard to come by, and there is no shortage of step-by-step guides to starting your own podcast. All you need to do is find something to say, and that isn’t even difficult if you’re really prepared to be an active contributor to conversations in your industry. Read about current topics to clue in on the conversations happening and give your listeners that information with your two cents added in.

Ultimately, you want to be driving these conversations, which is going to mean reading a lot of industry news and monitoring trends. Is that a lot of work? Sure, but it’s not something that’s unattainable for you, and the benefits are significant.

You Can Be a Person
When your business releases content, it indirectly reflects on you and your values. But only with something like a podcast can you show your audience exactly who you are and what matters to you. It’s your chance to build a brand outside of your business, one that is entirely contingent on what you personally bring to the table. That’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also freeing!

You get to talk solely about what interests you about your industry, and people are going to see a real person behind it instead of your business. This can go a long way in humanizing both your personal brand and your business and lends a lot of credibility to both. Audiences respond best to actual humans, so show them who you are and why you’re relevant!

Start Recording
Now that you understand why podcasts are so valuable to your personal brand, it’s time to get to work. Start investing in your podcast! I’m sure that if you put the effort in, you’ll see great results!

Do you want a little help getting your podcast started? Just schedule your free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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Social Media Marketing Podcasts We Adore [Infographic]

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Some days you just don’t have the time to browse blogs, but you still want to learn more about marketing trends and topics. Listening to podcasts is an efficient way to get the information you crave. You can brush up on your marketing skills while you’re running, driving, or relaxing at home. While Success to Go! will always be our favorite podcast, here are a few others we love. Since a major bonus to podcasts is the efficiency, we listed each by average episode length!

OVER ONE HOUR: Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

It’s perfect for . . .
Almost anyone interested in social media marketing.

Because . . .
Social Media Examiner is a mainstay among marketing experts. The site provides valuable information that is suitable for just about every level of expertise.

The site’s mascot is adorable. The site itself offers tons of resources for beginning marketers.

UP TO ONE HOUR: Social Pros Podcast 

It’s perfect for . . .
Marketers in the trenches. The tagline, “Shining a spotlight on real people doing real work in social media,” encapsulates the feel of this podcast: very grounded, very genuine.

Because . . .
Social Pros Podcast is great for anyone who wants to get insider advice, case studies, and current social media statistics.

They also have a podcast devoted to content marketing.

ABOUT 45 MINUTES: Social Media Social Hour 

It’s perfect for . . .
Marketers who want actionable tips and advice. Host Tyler Anderson focuses on concrete and practical advice for his listeners.

Because . . .
Social Media Social Hour delivers actionable tips in an engaging, friendly manner. Each podcast episode is also a blog post on the website of Casual Fridays, Anderson’s social media marketing firm.

“Make your parents proud” is listed as one of Casual Fridays’ core values. Such sincerity and positivity is refreshing in the often-cynical world of marketing.

20 TO 30 MINUTES: Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe

It’s perfect for . . .
Marketers who want to be inspired.

Because . . .
Co-hosts Chalene and Brock Johnson are a mother and son team with a passion for entrepreneurship and marketing.

Come for the marketing, stay for the personal growth! Seriously, Chalene’s goal in life is to help you get your life in order. Chalene is nothing if not well-rounded (she holds the Guinness World Record for starring in the most fitness videos), and often includes recipes along with wellness tips and workout advice in her social media feeds.

10 TO 20 MINUTES: Copyblogger FM

It’s perfect for . . .
Marketers who have things to do.

Because . . .
This is a quick and informative look at several aspects of the marketing world. Host Sonia Simone interviews experts in areas ranging from copywriting to analytics. This podcast is low on filler, but high on valuable information.

Good podcasts come in brief packages! This podcasts gives listeners hyper-efficient takes on a wide variety of marketing topics.

Need help with your digital marketing strategy? The Go! Agency is just a click away! Visit our site for your free consultation today!


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