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Tap Into Your Customer’s Mind Through Social Media


What is a marketer’s job? To promote a business, right? No. Actually, it’s to be a mind reader. Every piece of data that we study, every update we publish, every advertisement we create, is all in an effort to create something that adheres to the customer’s mindset. This is why psychics would make such good marketers. However, we can’t tap into our audience’s minds, as nice as it would be. There is good news, though. We have the next best thing.

Social media allows us to study the public’s reaction to our marketing efforts. Never before has there been such an accurate and analytical marketing medium as this. Sure, we can have focus groups, polls, studies, and even articles written about traditional marketing efforts. Yet with social media marketing, we literally have the raw reactions to our strategies before us.

How exactly do we see this? The answer, like many social media related issues, lies in engagement. Obviously, if you’ve struck a chord with your followers, they will like, share, comment, retweet, upvote, message, and rate your content. If not, then your engagement may look a little desolate. That in no way means you have to give up, however. That just means you have to go back to the drawing board. Even successful marketers regularly restrategize.

As we’ve seen with events such as the Presidential Election and other significant events, people have no problem sharing their thoughts online. Comments are precious assets not only for marketing but how your business is perceived by your customers as a whole. Do yourself a favor and read the comments on your pages. You’ll be surprised at how much insight you can receive. Additionally, more innovative ways like Facebook Reactions and Quote Tweeting will further tap into your fans’ psyches.

Social media marketing gives us a “backstage pass” into your customers’ thinking. While we may not be able to see what they’re thinking exactly, their real and organic reactions speak wonders.

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Social Media: The Front Lines Of Customer Communication


Customers are the lifeforce of a business. For multiple reasons, a business simply cannot thrive without a substantial customer base. Social media marketing isn’t any different. Without followers, a business is just talking to itself. Our customers are the reason we have the marketing industry in the first place, and we take that concept a step further with social media. Each post written should be catered to a business’ audience and adhere to their wants. However, this new avenue of communication does much more than that. We are able to converse with our audience in new and exciting ways that could benefit any company. Here are the best ways that a customer can receive “above and beyond” customer service.

Since communication is one of the key parts of social media, a business page should perfect their responses and reply time. Like every action a company’s representative takes, activity online needs to be professional, friendly, and proofread. However, you will also want to be quick about it. A fast response, typically less than 24 hours, will be required to keep up a good online rapport. This will also show your company’s reactivity to negative comments or reviews. Keep smiling, stay positive, and do not confront them, even if they are acting hostile.

Are you unsure about how a product is doing? Good news! Your audience is right there, waiting to be asked. Since polls are easy to complete, they are a great way to engage your audience and to receive insightful knowledge. You will be surprised how many followers will participate in a poll that is embedded in a post. You can use this to tweak current services and products or to discover what your customers want next! Wouldn’t it be great if all companies offered this?

Consumers want to buy from a company that keeps giving and social media is the way to do that. We are able to provide customers and followers with new means of communications, but you can also deliver interesting content that may not land you an instant sale, but will attract new eyes to your brand.

How do you use social media for customer service? Share your thoughts with us!

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Why Customers Are Your Biggest Social Media Fans


We’re aware of all the benefits social media has when it comes to personal communication. We’re able to connect like never before! That’s true when it comes to customer service as well. Each platform gives us unique opportunities to reach out to customers in innovative ways. Huffington Post explains how social media allows businesses to drop an intimidating veil and come down to an approachable level. Here are the top ways businesses benefit from what will define our generation in terms of business and human interaction:

  • Technically speaking, businesses now have access to a ton more data. Whether it’s customer reviews, demographics, or analytics, social media now helps get the numbers straight. We are able to look into the minds (and conversations) of our customer bases. This allows us to create better content, more engaging posts, and essentially adapt to the needs of the market.
  • Businesses now have a direct line to their customers. They don’t have to worry about other mediums like television channels and press releases if they don’t have to. If they want to reach out, all they have to do is press the “Publish” button. Now, with updates to Facebook’s Messenger app, we can greet them with immediate replies in case there isn’t someone near a screen to reply. There are also AI systems in the works so you can allow your customers to enjoy a quick, automated process.
  • As stated earlier, social media allows businesses to be human. They now communicate like everyone else and can have a real conversation. This is why we post engaging, fun content instead of constantly barraging our followers with ads. This is supposed to be social media, not a sales pitch.

We see a big shift in the way businesses market and advertise thanks to social media’s tools. The internet has opened up a whole new world for professionals to reach out to customers in a fluid, organic, and frankly, fun way.

For more on how social media changes the engagement of customers, check out Huffington Post’s article here:

How has social media helped your business? Let us know!

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