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How Online Marketers Can Hit The Bullseye


It’s easy to miss the mark with social media marketing. Every now and again, your analytics may show low points in which your content just didn’t attract a crowd. Every marketer can appreciate the frustration when their efforts are fruitless. Online marketing, especially social media marketing, gives us a significant advantage to help us hit the mark.

Every week, gather up your social media marketing team to study your analytics. Whether you use Hootsuite, Buffer, or just analyze the native numbers on the platform of choice, you need to review your data.

 Your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts should have a decent amount of posts to study. Which ones rocked and which flopped? Did a particular hashtag gather in the readers? Did a picture or video get people talking? What advertising efforts really struck a cord? All of these questions need to be answered. Since most successful social media marketers write for the upcoming week, you have the opportunity to change your formula ahead of time to make things work.

Every month, look at the past several weeks and study your marketing efforts at a macro level. How have your numbers risen or fallen? This data should help you set up goals for the next month, and reveal areas you need to improve. It’s important to work on things when you notice them, don’t push them off. Additionally, look at the present trending topics and what is coming up, so you can take advantage of contemporary topics.

Does your team know how to study analytics and data metrics? We do! We can help your business hit the spot on social media.

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The 4 Facebook Ads Your Page Needs


Businesses of various sizes, industries, and locations are flocking to Facebook! Entrepreneurs and professionals realize that their target customer base is just a few clicks away. How are they promoting themselves? Facebook advertising!

When one thinks of online advertising, those pesky pop-ups come to mind. Facebook advertisements are more subtle, engaging, and effective.  To make things even better, there are multiple types of ads. Here are the four categories that you can benefit from right away:

Boosted posts. Sometimes, you have a post that hits the spot. If you see a piece of content that’s receiving decent engagement, boost it! It will expand its reach to as broad or narrow as you like, stirring up new connections and conversations.

Page likes. Do you need more likes on your page? There’s an ad for that! Likes are an essential element of Facebook marketing. These ads will raise your numbers quickly.

Event awareness. Many companies use Facebook to promote their events and functions. Get those RSVPs back quicker than ever with Facebook ads.

Website traffic. For many companies, their websites are driving forces of business and marketing. Your Facebook and website can – and should- work together to reap the rewards of the internet.

Unsure of which ad is best for your business? Let us help! We manage hundreds of Facebook pages and advertisement campaigns for clients, and they are blown away at their results!

Contact us today to see how your business can rock Facebook marketing!

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